TODD KERNS - "Maybe The Middle East Needs More Rock N Roll"

August 26, 2013, 4 years ago

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TODD KERNS (SLASH, SIN CITY SINNERS, STATIC IN STEREO, AGE OF ELECTRIC) has posted his latest blog - Shatner, Courtney, Ginger, Affleck, Conspirators, Sinners and Rebels; an excerpt follows:

"Just woke up to a video of a dude named Ohyn from the UK playing my song, 'Nothing Personal'. It’s a bizarre thing hearing something you came up with being reinterpreted. Thank you so much, Ohyn. That is a great honor. I’m honored that anyone likes anything I do enough to even spend time listening let alone taking the time to learn the words and chords. Music is a fascinating thing that way. You can go to the other side of the world and share nothing in common with a person but music. I suppose that’s true of someone down your own block. You could be politically diametrically opposed but realize you both love AC/DC. Maybe the Middle East needs more Rock N Roll. What would there be to fight about once both sides of that coin discover THE RAMONES?"

"It has been about a month since the last show of the Apocalyptic Love tour which ended at Las Vegas’ House Of Blues. An epic night as I’ve mentioned before. Since then I’ve been to Canada, to Vegas, to LA and all points between. Very necessary for the brain to find other things to focus on. I’ve been going through my old blogs with the intention to compile them for a book. A lot of it has been a trip cuz it all seems like just yesterday. The past three and a half years have blown by so fast that the passage of time goes largely unnoticed.

This very passage I’m writing here will probably end up in the book. The follow up book will begin with the making of the next album."

"On Saturday I sang on the upcoming covers album for the Sinners. I sang 'Search And Destroy' by THE STOOGES which is a song we actually did back in the Dive Bar days. It was a good day. I have traveled the universe and back but these guys will always be family. I may not be around enough to play Vegas but the Sinners will always be around.

I need no rehearsal. I know 'Search And Destroy' like the back of my hand. I simply walked in and sang. I was out in minimal time. Zach and I sang some harmonies for the impending Sinners Christmas 2. Good fun.

The show at Vamp’d in Las Vegas is exactly one week away now. I’m starting to get very excited to play again. It will be exactly three months since the last Borrowing Trouble show and about 5 or 6 weeks since the last Conspirators show. That’s a long time to be off stage. Especially for me. Luckily my pal, Ginger, had me up for a couple of nights to feed the monster inside of me.

For the show you can expect some of the same and a whole lot of new since the last show. There will be Conspirators and Sinners on stage. I plan to play a lot of songs that did not get played last time including most of Borrowing Trouble and a mix of other songs that I can’t believe I didn’t play last time. In a funny way I feel much more confident about this show as the music has been floating around out there for a little longer. It’s more familiar to everyone and can be enjoyed all the more.

The last show was one of the most magical nights of my career and this one promises to be equally so. If not more so. The show is being recorded so I’m encouraging everyone to sing at the top of their lungs and have themselves immortalized on future live releases. I plan to keep the momentum of music moving forward ‘til the end of time now.

I have every intention of bringing this show beyond the great city of Las Vegas. There are plans falling into place that are too premature to get into but I hope to bring this music as far as I can. More on that as it develops. It’s gonna be a blast. Music is a beautiful thing. A song written one day can live on and become something totally different ten years later. Look at a song like 'It’s Not You It’s Me'."

To read Todd's blog in its entirety, click here.

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