TYKETTO DVD Due Later In January

January 2, 2014, 2 years ago

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"The TYKETTO DVD Documentally Yours is complete," proclaims drummer Michael Clayton Arbeeny. "We go into production in about ten days, and it should be up for sale by January 15th. Only took two years, but we did it! There’s over three hours of Tyketto madness. You’re gonna love this documentary."

"As with any family, not all members can always make the get togethers. Sadly, Brooke (St. James - guitar) won’t be joining us on the spring run, as he has commitments with fellow Tyketto brother Steve Augeri here in America. After a worldwide search, we struck gold. Joining us on the March/April run will be guitar whiz Chris Green (CJ Snare’s RUBICON CROSS, as well as the all-star lineup of SCRAP METAL). He’s a monster player and a heck of a nice guy, although with he and Ged now in the band, Tyketto is 40% British! Also, without PJ Zitarosa around, I am the lone Italian. You can get your share of the original lineup on the DVD, where Danny, Jimi, Brooke and I will walk you through the last 25 years of Tyketto."

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FLOTSAM AND JETSAM - "Forbidden Territories" (AFM)

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