U.D.O. - Next Wave Of Anniversary Editions Due In February

January 10, 2013, 4 years ago

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Following the December release of Solid (1997), No Limits (1998), Holy (1999) and Man And Machine (2002), AFM records will re-release the second wave of classic U.D.O. albums as Anniversary Editions with bonus material. Titles include Animal House, Mean Machine, Faceless World and Timebomb, which will be available on February 15th with the following tracklists:

Animal House tracklisting:

'Animal House'

'Go Back To Hell'

'They Want War'

'Black Widow'

'In The Darkness'

'Lay Down The Law'

'We Want It Loud'

'Hot Tonight'


'Coming Home'

'Run For Cover'


'Animal House' (Live)

'They Want War' (Live)

'In The Darkness' (Live)

'They Want War' (Video)

'Go Back To Hell' (Video)

Mean Machine tracklisting:

'Don't Look Back'

'Break The Rules'

'We're History'

'Painted Love'

'Mean Machine'

'Dirty Boys'

'Streets On Fire'

'Lost Passion'

'Sweet Little Child'

'Catch My Fall'

'Still In Love With You' (Instrumental)


'Break The Rules' (Live)

'Break The Rules' (Video)

Faceless World tracklisting:

'Heart Of Gold'

'Blitz Of Lightning'

'System Of Life'

'Faceless World'


'Restricted Area'

'Living On A Frontline'

'Trip To Nowhere'

'Born To Run'

'Can't Get Enough'

'Unspoken Words'

'Future Land'


'Living On A Frontline' (Live)

'Heart Of Gold' (Live)

'Heart Of Gold' (Video)

Timebomb tracklisting:

'The Gutter' (Instrumental)

'Metal Eater'


'Overloaded (Instrumental)

'Burning Heat'

'Back In Pain'



'Kick In The Face'

'Soldiers Of Darkness'

'Metal Maniac Master Mind'


'Metal Eater' (Live)

Album-EPK (Video)

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