UNISONIC / PINK CREAM 69 Bassist Dennis Ward Featured In New BURRN! Magazine Interview

February 9, 2013, 4 years ago

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UNISONIC / PINK CREAM 69 bassist Dennis Ward is featured in a new interview conducted by Japan's BURRN! Magazine. An excerpt translated by the official Unisonic fanclub Souls Alive is available below:

Q: (While PC69 wasn't active) Have you been doing a lot of producing?

Dennis: "I haven't done much of producing in the last two years, just mixed a couple of albums. I have been putting all my energy into Unisonic and couldn't really concentrate on other producing works. Writing songs for Unisonic was my priority as a musician, and most of my time was spent on it."

Q: As for song-writing, how do you decide which song goes to PC69 / Unisonic / PLACE VENDOME, at which point?

Dennis: "When a singer sings the song. That's when we know if the song works. It's simple. A song fits well with one singer, but not at all with the other."

Q: What's going on with Unisonic now?

Dennis: "Michael Kiske will participate in the recording and tour of AVANTASIA, besides making Place Vendome album with me. Kai (Hansen)will be out on the world tour with HELLOWEEN, so he will be very busy in the next 4-5 months or so. Mandy will play with KROKUS, and Kosta will help them out as a drummer. If everything goes well as planned, Unisonic will start recording of the new album in this fall or early winter. We are hoping to finish it by early 2014."

Ward has launched a new official website at DennisWard.de. In addition, he has launched an official Facebook page here.

Ward recently posted footage of himself rehearsing in his studio along with the stems of the track 'I've Tried', featured on the self-titled Unisonic debut from last year. Check it out below:

Unisonic recently issued the following update:

"Hello out there, we wish you all a healthy and happy year 2013!!!

2012 was an event- and successful year for Unisonic: We released our debut CD and did the first tour, leading us to many countries in Latin America, Asia and Europe. The feedback on the CD and the live shows was phenomenal and we want to thank you all from the deepest of our hearts for your support!

2013 will be a more silent year for Unisonic. Besides working with our other bands and projects, be sure that we will use the time to write and record a new Unisonic album! Touring together for the first time and your overwhelming reactions glued us together as a band, and we can´t wait to canalize all these impressions into a powerful and melodic metal album to be released in early 2014!"

Unisonic lineup:

Michael Kiske (vocals - ex-Helloween)

Mandy Meyer (guitars - ex-GOTTHARD, ex-Krokus)

Kai Hansen (guitars - GAMMA RAY, ex-Helloween)

Dennis Ward (bass - Pink Cream 69)

Kosta Zafiriou (drums - Pink Cream 69)

Unisonic performed at the Hellfest in Clisson, France on June 15th. Quality fan-filmed video from the show is available below:

The band's complete setlist was as follows:


'Never Too Late'

'King For A Day'

'My Sanctuary'

'March Of Time'

'Over The Rainbow'

'Star Rider'

'We Rise'

'I Want Out'

More on Unisonic at this location.

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