VALHALLA Added To Friday Lineup For Warriors Of Metal Fest VI

June 7, 2013, 2 years ago

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Warriors Of Metal report that VALHALLA have been added to the main stage of the Warriors Of Metal Fest VI Open Air, on Friday, June 28th from being the show closer of the Pre-Fest Showcase the night before. Band guitarist Justin Zych states: "Super Excited to be on the main stage this year! I have either played or been apart of this show since WOM Fest II Open Air in 2009! A group of metalheads that love to party and listen to metal! We can't wait to shred the faces of all who witness us! By the way we have a keytar! Thank you Datis and we look forward to sharing the stage with many others at this festival!" Confirmed acts: Warriors Of Metal Fest VI Open Air Pre-Fest Showcase on June 27th at The Shrunken Head Rock Club in Columbus, Ohio: FIAKRA, FLESH ENGINE, HALSTATT, MACHINAGE, NOBLE BEAST, OBLIVION MYTH, SHALLOW GROUND, VINDICATOR. Warriors Of Metal Fest VI Open Air taking place on June 28th - 29th at the Frontier Ranch in Pataskala, Ohio: ALAS NEGRAS, ATTACKER, TWISTED TOWER DIRE, BRAZEN ANGEL, COVEN 13, DANTESCO, DAWN OF VALOR, EDEN'S FALL, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, GLOBAL WARNING, IRON WILL, MELIAH RAGE, MITHRIDIUM, POWER THEORY, RAMPART, RAVAGE, SEAX, SKULL HAMMER, SOLVO ANIMUS, SACRED GUARDIAN, STEEL ASSASSIN, TWISTED TOWER DIRE, VACANT THRONE, VALHALLA, VOLTAX, WULFHOOK.
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