VICIOUS RUMORS Vocalist Brian Allen - "It Has Come To My Surprise Via The Internet That I Have Been Replaced, Bypassing Friendship And Common Professional Courtesy"

September 29, 2013, 6 years ago

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In an age of social media, somehow VICIOUS RUMORS have been able to head out on tour, with a new vocalist, 21 year old Dutchman, Nick Holleman (POWERIZED), without anyone knowing about it... including VR singer Brian Allen. Allen contacted BWBK exclusively regarding the recent news of his departure from the band:

"It has come to my surprise via the internet that I have been replaced by a new vocalist. To call it a shock is an understatement, bypassing friendship and common professional courtesy. As a military veteran, honor, respect, and loyalty are core values that I live by. The fact that I was never even contacted by the band along with ignored text messages since my learning of this news seriously goes against those morals and professional ethics by which I stand by. I have worked very hard to represent the band in the most professional manner, keeping true to the classic material while injecting my own style and abilities with the newer material and the last three albums I've recorded with the band."

Despite recent claims, Allen was part of the Bang Your Head Festival. That show was a tribute to departed original vocalist Carl Albert, which is why Albert's son made an appearance for that show.

Allen continues: "I am a single parent of three beautiful daughters with a career that affords stability and other benefits for my family. Unfortunately, Vicious Rumors has never been truly financially self-sustaining and is more of a cult followed band, which accounts for the lack of stability, coupled with the severe financial hardship that makes it nearly impossible to maintain even remotely an affordable living. I did it for the love and passion of music, but my life also has responsibility, and sometimes certain proposed tour dates can be a conflict. I can't throw away and risk my family dynamic and stability to pacify a non-advised small run of US dates. If we were a full time touring band and it made sense, then that would be a different story, but V.R. isn't that band."

When asked about the US tour dates, Allen offered the following: "It was not feasible for me to do the potential US dates, and I was made aware by the band about a potential fill-in vocalist. I told the band that I could do the proposed South American and European summer tour because I work nine months out of the year, thus allowing me the time for those dates. I thought I was still a named member of the band."

"The newly announced US tour dates was something that several people in our team strongly advised against. A considerable amount of time and money was invested in the band with me as the frontman for videos, three albums, countless promotions, etc. The bands lineup changes are very lengthy, and the value of a lineup lasting several consecutive albums now has been severely compromised. Many fans, peers, and those in the business valued what I brought to Vicous Rumors. The band was getting better tour packages, more respectable festivals, and was building great relations with more promoters. Many felt, including the band, that I injected new life into the band."
"Lastly, I am thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of Vicious Rumors. I would like to thank SPV Records, Red Lion Music, and all respective personnel for their friendship and professionalism, and last but not least the fans for all of their amazing support! This is perhaps a blessing in disguise to move on to new horizons musically, personally and professionally."

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