VIKING SKULL Find Missing Guitarist... In Jail; Band To Film 'Hair Of The Dog' Video

December 5, 2008, 8 years ago

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Last month, VIKING SKULL announced that, "due to Rich Vose being missing and not being able to be contacted etc, original Viking Skull guitarist Darren Smith will be back on axe duties on the upcoming UK tour in December."

An update from the band reads: "Hey everybody, we found the Brandywine Eel (Rich Vose)! He's in Jail! So he won't be on the CLUTCH tour, he won't be doing any more shows with us until further notice. Original Viking Skull guitar player Darren Smith will be doing the Clutch tour with us.

Then on January 4th we will be performing an all ages show at the Note in West Chester, Pennsylvania and also be filming a video for 'Hair Of The Dog' with Joe Frantz and Bam Margera. It's going to be kick-fucking-ass. If you want to partake in that debauchery buy a ticket at"

Viking Skull's tour schedule can be viewed here.

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