VIRGIN STEELE Reissues Due On October 31st; Tracklistings Revealed

October 23, 2008, 11 years ago

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On October 31st (in Germany, Austria and Switzerland), US power metallers VIRGIN STEELE will be re-releasing their albums Life Among The Ruins, The Marriage Of Heaven & Hell Part I And The Marriage Of Heaven & Hell Part II. All three albums will contain bonus tracks and new booklets containing many photos and liner notes. As bonus tracks on The Marriage Part 2 album, the group has included two live performances recorded in Germany, and on Life Among The Ruins, Virgin Steele have included several live acoustic tracks that were recorded in the living room of leader David DeFeis's house during rehearsals.

In regards to these live acoustic rehearsal tapes David DeFeis had to say: "Upon listening back to those recordings, we felt that we had achieved a really interesting mood... the performances are really raw, honest and direct. We did not add any multi-track overdubs or any additions whatsoever, they are just the stereo recordings presented live and unvarnished as we played them. In this age of high technology we felt that it was nice to do something really raw and low-tech. The songs work well in this stripped down format, and the feeling in the room was incredible. At some point we may actually release an entire disc of these various live onstage performances and rehearsals we have in our archives. As regards the full band live tracks... it is the same... no overdubs or enhancements. The tracks were recorded with just a simple stereo cassette player... not a multi-track high-end machine."


Life Among The Ruins

'Sex Religion Machine', 'Love Is Pain', 'Jet Black', 'Invitation', 'I Dress In Black (Woman With No Shadow)', 'Crown Of Thorns', 'Cage Of Angels', 'Never Believed In Goodbye', 'Too Hot To Handle', 'Love’s Gone', 'Snakeskin Voodoo Man' (Bonus Track), 'Wildfire Woman',

'Cry Forever', 'Haunting The Last Hours', 'Last Rose Of Summer'.

Additional Bonus Tracks: 'Snakeskin Voodoo Man' - live Acoustic Rehearsal Version, 'Jet Black' - live Acoustic Rehearsal Version, 'Purple Rain' - live Acoustic Rehearsal Version, 'Wildfire Woman' - live Acoustic Rehearsal Version

The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell Part I

'I Will Come For You', 'Weeping Of The Spirits', 'Blood And Gasoline', 'Self Crucifixion', 'Last Supper', 'Warrior’s Lament', 'Trail Of Tears',

'The Raven Song', 'Forever Will I Roam', 'I Wake Up Screaming', 'House Of Dust', 'Blood Of The Saints', 'Life Among The Ruins', 'The Marriage Of Heaven & Hell'.

Bonus Track: 'Blood And Gasoline' (New Duet Version With Crystal Viper)

The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell Part II

'A Symphony Of Steele', 'Crown Of Glory (Unscarred)', 'From Chaos To Creation', 'Twilight Of The Gods', 'Rising Unchained', 'Transfiguration', 'Prometheus The Fallen One', 'Emalaith', 'Strawgirl', 'Devil/angel', 'Unholy Water', 'Victory Is Mine',

'The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell Revisited'.

Bonus Tracks: 'Life Among The Ruins' - (Live Version), 'I Wake Up Screaming' - (Live Version)

In addition to all the above, a brand new Virgin Steele album will appear early in the new year.

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