VITA NOVA Featuring Members Of FLOWING TEARS And VISIONS OF ATLANTIS To Release New Album In August; Lyric Video Online

July 28, 2013, 4 years ago

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International gothic symphonic metal project VITA NOVA, the brainchild of LA singer/songwriter VK Lynne and Italian guitarist/composer Federico Salerno, is set to release their debut CD of the same name this August.

Recorded entirely remotely, Vita Nova is the work of 13 artists from six different countries in a labor of love that nearly fell apart several times.

“Everyone’s schedule was already full with their own projects, so we were especially grateful when all the guest artists got on board without hesitation,” says VK. “However, we still had time differences, language barriers and budget restrictions to contend with, and pretty much everything that could go wrong, did, at one point or another, but still…we couldn’t deny that we had something here, so we pushed on.”

Lynne and Salerno wrote and orchestrated all the material, and gathered their wish list of guest singers and players to perform. Featured artists include:

- Gogo Melone (LUNA OBSCURA)
- Iliana Tsakiraki (EX-MEDEN AGAN)
- Helen Vogt (FLOWING TEARS)
- Kerstin Bischof (EX- XANDRIA)
- Grace Meridan (CANDLELIT)
- Babis Nikou (ASTRAL DNA)
- Shane Gibson (EX-KORN, STORK).

Physical copies of the CD can be purchased in advance. Pre-order here.

Go to the official Vita Nova Facebook page here.

A lyric video for 'Vita Nova' can be viewed below:

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