WARMEN - New Song Streaming For Pledge Campaign Participants; Album Cover Art Revealed

July 13, 2014, 2 years ago

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Children Of Bodom keyboardist Janne Wirman recently launched a pledge campaing for the next album from his side-project, Warmen. A new song entitled "The Race" taken from First Of Five Elements - the band's fifth album - is now available for streaming here for participants in the campaign.

BraveWords scribe Mark Gromen recently spoke with Wirman about the new album:

"The title track is an instrumental, but The Race is something I'm really looking forward to people hearing. To me, it's the best thing we've ever done. It's got Pasi Rantanen on vocals and it's a combination of old school Yngwie and Racer X, with modern power metal. It's more Yngwie than Racer X, but you know what I mean about that style. It all comes together in an awesome fucking mix. I can't wait for people to hear that song. It's amazing! When it came together (early in the writing process), we were like, 'This is something good. We've done it this time.' It has a lot to do with the vocals and the chorus, which is amazing."

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