YAKUZA - Complete Work On New Album, MP3/Promotional Trailer Available

April 26, 2010, 8 years ago

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BraveWords.com has received the following press release:

Progressive jazz metal masters YAKUZA have completed work on their new full-length album, Of Seismic Consequence.

Already being hailed as the best Yakuza album to date, Of Seismic Consequence sees Bruce Lamont and co. deliver their darkest, heaviest, most introspective and most primal sounding album to date. Recorded by Sanford Parker in a very live, stripped down environment between two studios (Electrical Audio and Semaphore), Of Seismic Consequence sees Yakuza in more of a cohesive and consistent form. At the same time, they decided to take many chances with their new album, both in songwriting and recording.

Following their turning point Transmutations release, Yakuza decided to approach Of Seismic Consequence a bit differently than their previous releases (issued on Century Media and Prosthetic Records). With the traditional Yakuza elements still ingrained within the band’s expansive and multi-faceted sound canvas, Of Seismic Consequence comes across as Yakuza’s most song-oriented album. It's also their heaviest and most oppressive sounding album to date.

One of the standout traits that Of Seismic Consequence presents is the more expansive use of Lamont’s vocals. His clean vocals are the dominant force this time. The vocals continue to showcase even more how Lamont is one of the most unique and distinct vocalists in metal. Also what makes Of Seismic Consequence the darkest Yakuza album is how some of the more melancholic and introspective moments on the album present themselves in such an epic and monumental fashion (as can be witnessed on such tracks as ‘Be That As It May’, ‘Farewell To The Flesh’, and the stirring album closer ‘Deluge’). And of course one of the most distinct elements to the Yakuza sound, namely Lamont’s talents as a saxophone player is once again showcased on Of Seismic Consequence where the use of saxophone on the new album actually enhances the darkness that dominates throughout Of Seismic Consequence.

Speaking about the creation of the new Yakuza album, filmmaker Justin Baron has been documenting the band as of late behind the scenes and getting a more in-depth look on the mechanics of Yakuza and their new album. Filming interviews with all the band members, along with Yakuza’s peers and documenting the recording and creation of Of Seismic Consequence, a five-minute trailer/preview for the new Yakuza album has been created to coincide with the album’s release. You can check out the promotional trailer below:

To be released on June 22nd on Profound Lore Records, the tracklisting for Of Seismic Consequence goes as follows:

'The Ant People'

'Thinning The Herd'

'Stones And Bones'

'Be That As It May'

'Farewell To The Flesh'

'Testing The Waters'

'Good Riddance (The Knuckle Walkers)'

'The Great War'


You can hear the track ‘Stones And Bones’ at this location.

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