VICIOUS RUMORS – Celebration Decay

September 1, 2020, a month ago


Nick Balazs

Rating: 8.0

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VICIOUS RUMORS – Celebration Decay

California battalion Vicious Rumors continue to churn out quality power/heavy metal 41 years into their career. Despite a myriad of lineup changes, original member and guitarist Geoff Thorpe and longtime drummer Larry Howe have moved forward with a sturdy foundation complimented by new singer Nick Courtney and guitarist Gunnar DüGrey. The result is Celebration Decay, delivering exactly what the fans want and expect and hopefully is a lineup that will last. 

The riff tank is nowhere close to empty as those razor sharp guitars, emblematic of the bladed ball in their logo, are full-throttle and most importantly, will replay in your mind after the album closes. Courtney is a charismatic singer who can be rough and tumble, but can also let out shrieks that competes with the best of them. Think of James Rivera, Marc Lopes, and Harry Conklin rolled into one. The most surprising part is the Alice In Chains type hymn that breaks out in the methodical and epic “Arrival Of Desolation”. 

Melodic, twin guitars greet “Death Eternal” while the punchy and gallop of “Pulse Of The Dead” should make it a great addition to the live setting. “Any Last Words” is a great balance of that thrash/power formula and features a menacing riff and “Cold Blooded” rocks hard despite the silly lyrics. The title track and opener perfectly sets the tone with slamming riffs and drums with Courtney at his most angry and it seamlessly gives way to manic soloing. “Darkness Divine” provides a stark, icy feeling with the acoustic guitars and closer “Masquerade Of Good Intentions” brings things to a speedy end. There is so much here for any USPM fan to sink their teeth into; don’t hesitate to pick this one up.

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