BravePicks 2018 – MELIAH RAGE's Idol Hands #20

December 11, 2018, 6 months ago

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BravePicks 2018 – MELIAH RAGE's Idol Hands #20

Another gruelling year of heavy metal debauchery is almost over! Killing is our business ... and business is good! And this year the metal scene killed it with a myriad of heavy intrigue! So the votes are in and the compiling is complete! It's time to crown the winners and call out the the disappointments.

So who will be our #1? You’ll find out as we count down the BravePick Of 2018 each day in December! And our devout scribes killed it as well, putting their collective metal minds together to build the ultimate lists including individual Top 20s (new studio albums ONLY), Top 5 Brave Embarrassments (a fan favorite!), Top 3 Concerts, What/Who Needs To Stop In 2018? and Metal Predictions For 2019. All will be showcased come the New Year!

'Tis the season to commence the good, bad and ugly of 2018! On with the cream of this year's crop!

BravePicks 2018

20) MELIAH RAGE – Idol Hands (Metal On Metal)

Revere the idol! Meliah Rage’s stomper Idol Hands pummeled away the competition in 2018 with outstanding power/thrash metal and marked the return of vocalist Paul Souza (the vocal powerhouse that replaced original singer Mike Munro and can be heard on 2004's Barely Human, 2006's The Deep And Dreamless Sleep and 2011's Dead To The World). 30 years strong and showing no signs of slowing down, Idol Hands is one of the best albums of the year!

“Metal” Tim Henderson raved in his review:

“No doubt you’ve heard the famous Hunter S. Thompson quote: ‘The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.’

“And there’s no justice. Take Meliah Rage for example. The Bostonians have been fighting from the trenches since their beginnings in the ‘80s with varying degrees of success, but certainly not at the level they should have risen to given their incredible talent.

“But with Idol Hands, they’ve taken matters to deeply touching, greater hate-filled heights. Think about it. We almost ‘lost’ two of the most under-rated musicians on the planet. Literally. Guitarist Anthony Nichols suffered a near career-ending wrist break in December of 2013 and had three major reconstructive surgeries to fix the problem. And I’m certain he was told by doctors that maybe you’ll be able to hold a pen, or a beer. But a guitar? ‘Dream on’ buddy. But take one listen to the glorious riffs he shoves down our throat, it places the man at super-human levels, cause I’ve seen the startling wrist-break photos.

“What makes Idol Hands so riveting is that it’s a concept album of sorts. A stark reality many families are dealing with and Meliah Rage confronts it head-on, with supreme results.”



BravePicks 2018 Top 30

20) MELIAH RAGE - Idol Hands (Metal On Metal)
21) ALICE IN CHAINS - Rainier Fog (BMG)
22) HIGH ON FIRE - Electric Messiah (eOne)
23) MAMMOTH GRINDER - Cosmic Crypt (Relapse)
24) ICARUS WITCH - Goodbye Cruel World (Cleopatra)
25) UNLEASHED - The Hunt For White Christ (Napalm)
26) SATAN - Cruel Magic (Metal Blade)
27) GRAHAM BONNET BAND - Meanwhile, Back In The Garage (Frontiers)
28) MONSTROSITY – The Passage Of Existence (Metal Blade)
29) GRUESOME – Twisted Prayers (Relapse)
30) DIMMU BORGIR - Eonian (Nuclear Blast)

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