BLACK DAWN - On Blackened Wings

May 3, 2019, 5 years ago


Nick Balazs

Rating: 7.5

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BLACK DAWN - On Blackened Wings

New York hard rockers Black Dawn are back with their first new material in 5 years. Around since ’92, these dudes have issued two-full lengths and now their second EP. This is low down, modern sounding hard rock with a certain Alice In Chains and Soundgarden type vibe.

Vocalist Matt Kotten has a Sully Erna tinge to his voice, but his cleaner side sounds eerily close to Layne Staley and that helps to give the tracks an extra edge to this five-song EP. The riffs and solos are on-point, which is evidenced in the up-tempo “Help Me”, which will surely get the blood-pumping. The guitars exude a buzzing and thick sound; just check out the opening riff to the doom metal like “Hold Me Down” for earth-shattering reverberations. Really love the bass line that opens “Thoughts Of Yesterday” as the Alice In Chains vibe is strong with this one, but solely possesses the Black Dawn identity and that’s what I like about these guys; you can feel the New York attitude and they bring their influences out in a 21st century manner. Would definitely love to hear a new full-length from these guys!

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