LEAVING EDEN – “It’s The Sharing Of The Energy That Is Important”

August 19, 2022, a year ago

By Greg Prato

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LEAVING EDEN – “It’s The Sharing Of The Energy That Is Important”

Boston-based rockers Leaving Eden issued their latest album, As Above So Below, on August 5 (via Dark Star Records/Sony/Universal), which follows the same melodic hard rock direction of such previous offerings as The Agony of Affliction, Descending, and Out of the Ashes, among other titles. Featuring members Eve (lead vocals), Eric Gynan (guitar/vocals), Alyssa Bailey White (keys/vocals), Rich Chouinard (bass/vocals), and Jake Gynan (drums), the band also doubles as a Fleetwood Mac tribute act, Silver Springs, which shows how diverse their talents are. Gynan recently discussed with BraveWords correspondent the group’s history, their music, and future plans.

BraveWords: How did Leaving Eden come together?

Eric Gynan: “Myself, Eve, and Rick the bass player, we played in a band together before Leaving Eden a long time ago and it was really good. After the first hundred people came up to me and told me how great Eve was, I knew that I had to do something for her. Then Jake decided to join and Alyssa, we met at a gig, and she wanted in. The rest is history, as they say.”

BraveWords: What sets Leaving Eden apart from other modern day rock bands?

Eric Gynan: “Well, let me first start by saying that I really appreciate original music in general because it’s so unique that if you’re not a huge superstar nobody else in the universe is playing it. I think Leaving Eden’s stage presence is very cool, Eve really knows how to interact with what we call our friends. It’s the sharing of the energy that is important, and we don’t look at it like hey look at us, we look at it like we’re all here together tonight in the moment spending time with each other, we just happen to be playing the music and they just happen to be enjoying it so we’re all in this together. It’s important to have confidence and to be as tight as possible. Leaving Eden’s music can be quite heavy and across the spectrum to light and acoustic. It’s an eclectic mix of various genres so really I always say there is no box for Leaving Eden. One time we went to this famous recording studio where Sevendust, the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith recorded, and the woman literally drew a picture of a box on the whiteboard and said ‘You guys are here,’ pointing out of the box, ‘And you need to be here,’ pointing in the box. I simply asked, ‘So are you saying that we need to be in that box?’ And she said ‘Well yeah, I guess I am,’ and I said ‘OK, thank you very much,’ and got up and walked out. Now I get it, they always wanna put you in a box so they can figure out where to put you on the radio or in playlists etc. So, I understand, but it doesn’t mean I have to agree. We’ve got a lot of harmony and melody going on, as well.”

BraveWords: Who are some of the band’s influences?

Eric Gynan: “Anything new, rock ‘n’ roll! Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin, Black Sabbath, Ritchie Blackmore, Disturbed, Shinedown and acoustic stuff like Simon and Garfunkel.”

BraveWords: How did the idea come up to cover John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero”?

Eric Gynan: “Very strangely, believe it or not, I felt this overwhelming feeling to record this song with a full band as the only version I found was just John Lennon and his acoustic guitar. I kept hearing John Lennon on TV, on the radio etc. I’ve always felt that if you are open as an artist and willing that maybe people that have passed on can work through you as a conduit. I believe they look for open vessels so to speak. After we recorded the song, wouldn't you know I happened to see an interview by John Lennon and I’m paraphrasing here, but they actually asked him where the songs come from and he said that he thinks he gets them from people who have passed away and that he’s open to them. I think this song is also apropos.”

BraveWords: Let’s discuss As Above So Below.

Eric Gynan: “There’s lots of melody, harmony and some cool licks and tricks throughout. The song ‘Green’ has already hit the top Billboard charts. It’s a little heavy and has some great harmony and melody. I feel like it’s got a good vibe and a great beat. Quick note; titled ‘Green’ because of the lyric line ‘And the sky turned green in the distance of a dream.’ I wasn’t sure why I was writing that when I did but then I noticed somewhere in the country the skies were green. So a little bit prophetic you could say. I like the song ‘Dying in a Living Hell.’ Just love how heavy it is and Eve’s vocals are so cool! I really love all aspects of it: the drums, the keys, the bass guitars, everything. What I remember most about writing this album is connecting with the universe and listening. After all it’s only energy out there so we are part of it no doubt so it’s quite easy for us to connect. I remember years ago I’d have a hard time putting things together and writing certain things and although I was connecting I didn’t realize I was doing so and I didn’t realize how to do that so to speak. Over time, I’ve learned to get into this meditative state of mind and again, listen, it's all out there. You can buy or stream our new album anywhere these services are offered worldwide. Where our songs are pretty much based in reality and lyric-driven, this new album gives you insight into how we view things in the world today. You can find all info at leavingeden.com/home.”

BraveWords: Future plans?

Eric Gynan: “Well, we love touring and recording so that’s what we will be doing. Takes quite a while to make an album, so pretty much as soon as we release one we get started on the next. All albums are recorded right here in Leaving Eden’s studio. I am also a voting member of the Grammys so I have put forth this new album to be considered. We’ve also got our songs in quite a few movies that will be coming out.”

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