SIGNAL 13 – Fired Up For The Future

December 30, 2020, 5 months ago

By Nick Balazs

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SIGNAL 13 – Fired Up For The Future

Baltimore rockers Signal 13 have been causing quite the stir in the rock community with their debut EP, Destination Unknown, released earlier this year. The band brings a party type atmosphere to their songs and reminds of the glory days of excess in the ‘80s. Continuing to build momentum from the EP, Signal 13 was featured on BraveWords’ Streaming For Vengeance and recently released a video for the track, “All Fired Up”.

The stream was a great opportunity for the band to showcase their abilities and as singer Vicky Starr relates, “I wanted it to feel like you were at the show, front and center on the floor and I think we did a great job doing that. It was all live and in-your-face.”

“The video was meant to show a different side of the band,” says Starr about the “All Fired Up” video. “You can get an impression from watching a band perform, but not how they are behind-the-scenes. We are like a family. We joke and mess with each other a lot, and as you can see, I do not like clowns (laughs). It was a fun video to shoot.”

At the end of the “All Fired Up” video Starr is freaked out by a doll of Pennywise, the psycho clown character from the Steven King novel, It.

“I’m like the biggest chicken in the world,” as Starr explains her fear of clowns and horror in general. “I went to Howl-O-Scream with my son and he’s about 6 foot and I had my face buried in his back, I was so scared!”

What’s not scary is Signal 13 being featured on Spotify playlists and radio rock charts. Seeing their names alongside giants like AC/DC, The Foo Fighters, KISS, and others is rewarding for the band after all the hard work they have put in.

“I cried! I couldn’t believe it!,” the singer reveals. “Just to see those names, I wish I could be in a room with them and take notes. My bandmates like to joke with me so at first I didn’t believe it, but when I saw it, I cried. It makes me want to get everything right, get the songs perfect, and make them to their best capability. It is such an honor to be mentioned with them.”

“We have a new batch of songs ready to go,” says Starr about upcoming music. “A full-length album is the plan, but we are going to release new songs one at a time.”

The new found attention has made the band hungrier, but it also shows that rock is still a valuable commodity in the world and that there is nothing that can replace a big rock ‘n’ roll show. 

Starr agrees, “Well, I like something you can move to, dance to. That’s what I feel. I saw Guns N’ Roses three times in the last few years and they always change up the show and it never gets old. When you come to our shows, I want it to be memorable. I want people to have a good time and move to the music. I see bands that stare at their iPad for lyrics or guitar notes and I’m like ‘what are you doing?’ (laughs)”

Signal 13 keep moving onward and upward as they are scheduled for the Monsters Of Rock Cruise – Operation Monster Beach for 2021 and a show with Slaughter in Fort Myers, Florida on March 6, 2021. Head here to keep tabs on the Baltimore rockers. 

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