70,000 Tons Of Metal - Day 1: All Aboard! Abbreviated Line-Up, "Just" 22 Bands In 11 Hours!!

January 29, 2015, 9 years ago

Mark Gromen

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With the massive outdoor stage under construction from the moment we all stepped onto the Liberty Of The Seas, there were "just" three venues remaining for the bands. Playing 45 to 75 minute sets (for Apocalyptica, the night's headliner), ranging from the traditional sounds of Helstar, Pretty Maids and Trouble, a cutting edge production from Therion, a reunited God Dethroned, Annihilator (with a three-song guest spot by former singer, Coburn Pharr) and a later night (or 7AM, their time) performance by Primal Fear, there was something for everyone.

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SUNBURST - "From The Cradle To The Grave"

SUNBURST - "From The Cradle To The Grave"

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