70000 Tons Of Metal – Day 4: One Last Chance…

January 21, 2020, a year ago

Mark Gromen

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Final opportunity to see one of your favorites again, check out a band missed earlier, grab a selfie with one of the musicians, or maybe unveil that special cos-play outfit. Day 4 is an unofficial "dress-up" day and for every Thor or the duo competing as Jesus, there's some guys in various states of (un)dress and a few gals falling out of theirs. Maybe it was the rough seas (slamming and shaking everything overnight, as we tried to sleep), but the mood was laidback. Shortly after lunch, checked out the operatic metal of Austria's Edenbridge. 

Following the belly flop contest, Orphaned Land entertained on the Pool Deck. The whole BraveWords team reconvened to take in a second helping of Possessed, on the theater stage. Strange seeing the floppy-eared Finntroll in the bright light of day. Glimpses of Toxik (playing the entirety of their Think This album) and more Soilwork, before a booming, bass rumbling Candlemass crushed chests throughout the theater. A classic triumvirate of Emperor (struggling against the elements, outdoors), Cronos & Venom ignoring their past and performing only recent material and a Bonded By Blood set, courtesy of Exodus (also fighting headwinds), brought the tenth cruise to a close. Attendees from 71 countries were onboard. Undoubtedly there will be more, come 2021, when 70K Tons returns to Jamaica. Will you be amongst them? A full recap will be posted soon.

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HAMMERFALL – “Hammer Of Dawn” (Napalm)

HAMMERFALL – “Hammer Of Dawn” (Napalm)

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CAVEAT Premieres “Infinite”

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