A Night With ALICE COOPER In Port Chester

May 17, 2016, 7 years ago

Jennifer Bartram-Schmitt

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Spend The Night With Alice Cooper. Such a lovely, peaceful name for a tour, but we all know better than that. Alice Cooper is out on the road again and of course he had all his props with him including the boa constrictor during “Is It My Body” and Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton characters for the encore “Elected”. Cooper played all the hits like “Poison” (preceded by a Nita Strauss guitar solo), “Only Women Bleed”, “Black Widow”, “I Love The Dead”, and also a trio of covers by The Who (“Pinball Wizard”), Jimi Hendrix (“Fire)”, and David Bowie (“Suffragette City”).

Alice will be on the road throughout the summer months so spend an evening him with him if you get the chance.

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