AUGUST BURNS RED – 20th Anniversary Tour Hits The Big Apple!

April 28, 2023, a month ago

By Silvia Paveri

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August Burns Red recently began the second leg of their 20 Years Anniversary Tour with New York City the second show of this run and with them were two support acts more than worthy of such a celebration: Bleed From Within and The Devils Wears Prada. 

April 14, 2023 was a hot and humid spring day, but that didn’t stop fans from standing in a long line, waiting to enter the Palladium Times Square.

Both support bands warmed up the crowd and excited them for the August Burns Red headlining slot. 

ABR hit the stage around 9:20 PM for a 90 minute set of pure mayhem.

The amount of energy they bring to the stage is impressive and the crowd in return undoubtedly matched their energy. The band delivered a devastatingly heavy performance with lots of new and old hits.

Song after song, there was never a moment of rest, the mosh pit consumed with a large portion of the venue and the crowd surfing was never ending. 

Watching the crowd going insane was really a show within a show as ABR put on a flawless, animated, and ferociously entertaining concert.

The 18 song set:

“Truth Of A Liar”
“Fault Line”
“Invisible Enemy”
“Spirit Breaker”
“Your Little Suburbia”
“Marianas Trench”
Drum Solo
“The Eleventh Hour”
“White Washed”

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