BraveWords Museum In Photos: September 11th - 17th Birthdays

September 18, 2023, 9 months ago

By “Metal” Tim Henderson


BraveWords has one of the biggest music collections on the planet, with thousands of items signed. Each week we will showcase the last seven days of birthdays featuring some of the greatest releases in hard rock and heavy metal history. From September 11th - 17th, the following albums/releases celebrated an anniversary. Click the gallery above to view all the photos from the past week. 

Happy 44th
FOREIGNER's Head Games turns 44 today (September 11th, 1979). 

Happy 27th
TRIUMPH’s The Sport Of Kings - September 11th, 1986

Happy 33rd 
WARRANT's Cherry Pie - September 11th, 1990
Hungry for dessert? WARRANT's Cherry Pie turns 33 today (September 11th, 1990). 🍒

Happy 23rd 
SLAYER’s God Hates Us All - September 11th, 2001
“Yeah, he FN’ hates me!” Crushing album. SLAYER’s God Hates Us All turns 23 today (September 11th, 2001). 

DREAM THEATER's Live Scenes From New York - September 11th, 2001 

Happy 14th 
SECRETS OF THE MOON's Privilegivm - September 11th, 2009

Happy 8th
SLAYER’s Repentless – September 11th, 2015

Their incredible run was over.  SLAYER’s 12th and final album, Repentless, was released eight years ago today (September 11th, 2015). 
🎫s Toronto’s Sound Academy on September 12th, 2016 + May 29th, 2018 at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage

Happy 48th Birthday PINK FLOYD's Wish You Were Here - September 12th, 1975
48 years ago today (September 12th, 1975) they shined like a crazy diamond. Happy 🎂 PINK FLOYD's Wish You Were Here. 20 million copies sold.

About the stunning release, Pink Floyd commented: "In 1975, Pink Floyd's much-loved Wish You Were Here album was released. Coming at a time with some degree of strife within the band, Roger Waters noted that 'most of us didn't wish we were there at all; we wished we were somewhere else,' Nevertheless, the tension gave a certain edge to the album, and amplified the central theme of absence."
Happy 48th 
THIN LIZZY's Fighting - September 12th, 1975

Featuring the twin axe attack of Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson, THIN LIZZY's fifth studio album, Fighting, turns 48 today (September 12th, 1975). 🎂🤘

Happy 40th 
BLACK SABBATH's Born Again - September 12th, 1983

Tony and Geezer were pub-crawling with Ian Gillan one night and they woke up hungover the next day with the replacement for Dio!

Geezer told BraveWords in 2021: “We all went to a pub in Oxford and got smashed out of our heads! I suppose sometime during the night, we talked about working together and the next day we had found out that Ian Gillan had joined Sabbath. It was until we went on tour. I didn’t think it worked live. I thought the album was good, but somehow the mix was badly done. I thought the songs were good, but the mix wasn’t very good on the album. And on tour, I didn’t think Ian Gillan really fitted Sabbath.” 

Happy 34th 
AEROSMITH's Pump - September 12th, 1989
AEROSMITH's massive tenth studio album, Pump, came out 34 years ago today (September 12th, 1989). 
🎫: June 29th, 1990 at Toronto’s CNE Stadium (with special guests METALLICA!)

Happy 33rd
ANNIHILATOR’s Never, Neverland - September 12th, 1990

Happy 29th 
SATYRICON's The Shadowthrone - September 12th, 1994
Happy 28th 
VINCE NEIL's Carved In Stone - September 12th, 1995
VINCE NEIL's second solo album, Carved In Stone, turns 28 today (September 12th, 1995). The album hit a dismal #139 on the Billboard charts. One of the few highlights was the cover of CHICAGO’s “25 Or 6 To 4” on the Japanese edition. 
Happy 17th 
MASTODON's Blood Mountain - September 12th, 2006

Happy 15th 
METALLICA's Death Magnetic - September 12th, 2008
15 years ago today (September 12th, 2008), METALLICA came storming back with new bassist Robert Trujillo! #1 in 24 countries!
🎫: October 26th, 2009 at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre
Happy 17th 
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's Shot To Hell - September 12th, 2006

Happy 12th 
ANTHRAX's Worship Music - September 12th, 2011
12 years ago today (September 12th, 2011) Joey Belladonna returned to ANTHRAX. 

Happy 39th 
DOKKEN's Tooth And Nail - September 13th, 1984

KISS' Animalize - September 13th, 1984
Late guitarist Mark St. John’s only KISS appearance. 

Happy 35th 
KING DIAMOND's Them - September 13th, 1988
Where we first met his mentally ill grandmother. 

Happy 12th 
ALICE COOPER's Welcome 2 My Nightmare - September 13th, 2011
The sequel to the 1975 classic. 

DREAM THEATER's A Dramatic Turn Of Events - September 13th, 2011
12 years ago today (September 13th, 2011) Mike Mangini replaced Mike Portnoy and DREAM THEATER released A Dramatic Turn Of Events. 

Happy 42nd 
IRON MAIDEN's Maiden Japan - September 14th, 1981
42 years ago today (September 14th, 1981), when they released Maiden Japan. Paul Di'Anno's final recording with them. 

Happy 31st
JETHRO TULL’s A Little Light Music - September 14th, 1992
31 years ago today (September 14th, 1992), JETHRO TULL’s released A Little Light Music, recorded during a semi-acoustic European tour the previous May. 🎂

Happy 30th
FIGHT’s War Of Words - September 14, 1993
30 years ago today (September 14, 1993), JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford released his first FIGHT album, War Of Words. 
“Metal” Tim states: “In July, I was sent on assignment by M.E.A.T. Magazine to cover this debut. A super fun trip to sweltering hot Phoenix to interview the band and see them perform live at the Mason Jar on July 30th. Dude on the left is Satchel from STEEL PANTHER now.” 

Judgment Night soundtrack - September 14th, 1993 

Happy 24th 
QUEENSRŸCHE's Q2K - September 14th, 1999

Happy 19th 
MEGADETH's The System Has Failed - September 14th, 2004

Happy 16th 
APOCALYPTICA's Worlds Collide - September 14th, 2007

Happy 13th 
FLOTSAM AND JETSAM's The Cold - September 14th, 2010
Happy 39th 
MOTÖRHEAD's No Remorse - September 15th, 1984

Lemmy presented us a brand new line-up featuring Phil Campbell, Würzel, and Pete Gill, along with four killer new songs: "Killed by Death" + "Snaggletooth” + “Locomotive" + "Steal Your Face”. Original leather sleeve as well, plus the “Killed By Death” shaped picture disc! Happy 39th 🎂 MOTÖRHEAD's No Remorse (September 15th, 1984). 

Happy 26th 
SAVATAGE's The Wake Of Magellan - September 15th, 1997

Happy 25th 
BRUCE DICKINSON’s The Chemical Wedding – September 15th, 1998

What was Steve Harris thinking, as this arrived about six months after the second Blaze album (Virtual XI )? BRUCE DICKINSON’s fifth studio album, The Chemical Wedding, was released 25 years ago today (September 15th, 1998). 

Happy 14th
MEGADETH's Endgame - September 15th, 2009

Happy 38th 
KISS' Asylum - September 16th, 1985 
Bruce Kulick’s first album with KISS>

Happy 9th
His third solo album overall, SLASH featuring MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS’ World On Fire, was released in North America nine years ago today (September 16th, 2014). 

Happy 48th 
SCORPIONS' In Trance - September 17th, 1975 

Happy 44th 
JUDAS PRIEST's Unleashed In The East - September 17th, 1979

The Metal God talked to BraveWords about it a few years back: "I tend to believe that great things in music generally end towards the beginning of every decade, and that was certainly the case of Unleashed In The East. Thinking back, in 1980 things exploded - the whole global reach of metal took off in a massive way from 1980 onwards. So, maybe that live recording from Priest from Japan was like a catalyst or a touchstone for many people. It's one thing to hear a band come out from a studio recording, but the essence of the bulk of the material on Unleashed In The East is genuinely live. Just to clarify that whole Unleashed In The Studio, because it's important to me. The fact was, that while we were in Japan recording the album, we were kind of caught off guard by the label who approached saying they were going to record the show, so we weren't really prepared. The second issue was that I was having a fucking horrific time with jet lag, and I was trying to stay awake all day to perform that night. Because of this, my voice got really, really shot. So, fast-forwarding to Ringo's (Starr's) house, and I said to Tom Allom (producer) that I was going to sing the entire show, without taking any breaks. I just wanted to sing the entire performance live. So, I just wanted to clarify that my vocal performance is as live as it could be - in the respect that there were absolutely no double-takes, and there was no going over and fixing things. That was a genuine front-to-end live performance. It was just a different country (laughs). The band was in Japan while I was in the UK. Now that I've got that off my chest, I feel better (laughs). Unleashed was a very powerful, important moment for Priest and for metal... there is no doubt about that.”

Happy 39th
PHILIP LYNOTT’s The Philip Lynott Album - September 17th, 1982
PHILIP LYNOTT’s second and final solo album, The Philip Lynott Album, was released 41 years ago today (September 17th, 1982).

Happy 30th 
GUNS N' ROSES' Use Your Illusion I and II - September 17th, 1991

Happy 30th 
OZZY OSBOURNE's No More Tears - September 17th, 1991
🎫s: December 5th, 1991 at Toronto’s International Centre + November 4th 1992 at Toronto’s Skydome (with ALICE IN CHAINS and SEPULTURA!)

Happy 25th 
STEVE VAI's Fire Garden - September 17th, 1996

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