DRAGONFORCE / AMARANTHE / NANOWAR OF STEEL – A Night Of Metal Magic In Fort Lauderdale!

October 31, 2023, 8 months ago

Words and Photos by Jose Pimienta

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On October 28, 2023, metalheads from all around gathered for a night of pure metal magic at the iconic Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Featuring an impressive lineup of bands, including Edge of Paradise, Nanowar of Steel, Amaranthe, and the headlining act DragonForce, this promised to be a night of headbanging and epic performances.

I had the misfortune of missing most of Edge Of Paradise's set, but as I walked into the venue, I could sense the energy in the air. Their performance had clearly set the tone for the night, warming up the crowd and leaving them eager for more. Fans who caught their set spoke highly of their powerful and captivating presence, setting the stage for a night of unforgettable metal.

As a long-time fan of Nanowar Of Steel, I was thrilled to see them live. Their unique blend of humor and metal has been a staple in the scene since the release of Triumph Of True Metal Of Steel in 2003. The audience was in on the joke, and every second of their performance was a pure delight. Their witty and entertaining stage presence, combined with skillful musicianship, made their set a highlight of the night. It was clear that Nanowar Of Steel brought the house down with their signature brand of comedic metal.

Nanowar Of Steel's setlist featured classics and newer hits, and the crowd couldn't get enough. Songs like "The Call Of Cthulhu", "Norwegian Reggaeton" and "Valhalleluja" had the audience singing along with smiles on their faces, highlighting the band's ability to infuse humor into their music without compromising the quality of their performance. It was a moment of sheer joy for fans who had been listening to this band for decades.

Amaranthe took the stage next, and from the moment they started, they brought an infectious level of energy to the room. With their signature mix of melodic metal and electronic elements, they had the crowd on their feet. The band was as energetic and uplifting as ever, reminding everyone why they are such a beloved act in the metal scene. Their set was a perfect blend of heavy riffs, catchy melodies, and electrifying stage presence, making it impossible not to move to the beat.

Elize Ryd's powerful vocals, supported by Mikael Sehlin and Nils Molin, delivered an outstanding performance that resonated with the audience. Tracks like "The Nexus", "That Song" and "Drop Dead Cynical" showcased the band's ability to seamlessly blend contrasting elements into an incredibly cohesive and captivating live experience.

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived when DragonForce took the stage as the headliner. Known for their blistering guitar solos and breakneck speed, they did not disappoint. The "Warp Speed Warriors" tour had kicked off on a high note, and the crowd was on the edge of their seats.

DragonForce's precision in both speed and performance was awe-inspiring. The band was tighter and more electrifying than ever. Their setlist, featuring tracks from their new album and classics like "Through The Fire And Flames," showcased the band's virtuosity and their ability to create an otherworldly atmosphere. The guitar wizardry of Herman Li and Sam Totman left the crowd in sheer amazement, as they traded mind-bending solos with apparent ease.

The audience sang along to every word, raising their fists and devil horns, and were caught in a whirlwind of epic melodies and furious drumming courtesy of Gee Anzalone. The combination of Alicia Vigil's thunderous bass and Marc Hudson's soaring vocals created a symphonic experience that transcended the venue's walls.

In conclusion, the concert on October 28, 2023, was a night to remember for metal fans. Edge Of Paradise set the stage with their electrifying performance, Nanowar Of Steel had us laughing and headbanging, Amaranthe brought their unique energy, and DragonForce closed the night with a display of speed and precision that will be remembered for a long time. It was a night of metal camaraderie and unforgettable performances, a true testament to the power of this genre to bring people together and create memorable experiences. Metalheads left the venue that night with hearts pounding and spirits soaring, knowing that they had witnessed something truly extraordinary.

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