TESLA - Blue Collar Hard Rockin' In Lancaster!

March 12, 2024, a month ago

By Rich Catino

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The Tesla tour rolled in to Lancaster, PA to rock the American Music Theater on March 5. Set right in the center of a shopping and eating district down the street from a casino, the theater is nice, and the sound system excellent – great for hard rock music. Literally walking distance from restaurants, went to Cracker Barrel and walked across the highway. 

Openers for the tour is Kurt Deimer from Ohio and his band. He plays that modern American style of hard rock and metal, like Disturbed and Sevendust. Not my thing but as a frontman Deimer really worked the crowd the whole time. Even received many cell phone lights for the slower song. Would have preferred one of Tesla's peers, but good to see newer music. 

Seen Tesla many times over the years, and they never disappoint. Original members singer Jeff Keith, bassist Brian Wheat, guitarist Frank Hannon with partner Dave Rude now since 2006, and recent addition Steve Brown on drums. That blue collar hard rockin’ machine keeps the electricity on eleven, both sonic and visually. With a giant screen behind the drums showing all kinds of graphics, lighting, as well as stage lights, fog, they put an arena production into a large theater. 

I mean, dude, they opened with "Lady Luck"!, into "Modern Day Cowboy" (accompanied by fitting video clips), "Hang Tough", "Time To Rock", and "Heaven's Trail", five (head) bangers in a row.  Midway through the set they dusted off moody "Changes" from the debut Mechanical Resonance, acoustic guitars in hand with Wheat on the piano for "Paradise" from Five Man Acoustical Jam, and Brian talking about how he and Hannon wrote fun rocker "Love Me", another goodie not often played. Memories from the past and members on the screen during ballad "What It Takes", Rude taking the solo. One more hard rocker, "Edison's Medicine" before wrapping up the night with Hannon on the double neck for ballad "Love Song", "Little Suzi", and of course (an electric) "Signs".

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