ANN WILSON Guests On SiriusXM’s Fierce: Women In Music - "Everything You Wanna Say About Rock Guys Could Also Be Applied To Me During My 30s"

November 29, 2023, 8 months ago

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ANN WILSON Guests On SiriusXM’s Fierce: Women In Music - "Everything You Wanna Say About Rock Guys Could Also Be Applied To Me During My 30s"

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ann Wilson appeared on the latest episode of SiriusXM’s Fierce: Women In Music. In the exclusive new interview with host Lori Majewski, Ann talks about the new song, "Rain Of Hell," which was inspired by her heartbreak around the Russian and Ukraine situation, and she shares that she wrote those lyrics by herself -- the first time she's written at all in a very long time.

During the conversation, Ann also recalls first meeting her husband when they were younger and reveals how they actually weren't a match back then. She also shares that there are two new songs she wrote about their meeting and love story.

Ann Wilson on new song, "Rain Of Hell":  

"A writer writes always, and it's just a feeling of that's how you express yourself and things happen in the world. For instance, I was pretty heartbroken about the Ukraine situation and now the Hamas and Israeli situation. I mean, these are heartbreaking things and um, it was really hard for me not to write about those things. So I wrote the lyrics to the song 'Rain Of Hell', because it's just about the feeling of being on the ground. And this onslaught of war is over your head. You know, you're a child maybe, or you're pregnant woman with her child running on the ground and 'Rain of Hell' is... I had to write that because I knew it'd be kind of a bummer for people who don't wanna look at the bummer parts of the world. But there it is. And it's, it was actually a beautiful poem, I thought."

Ann Wilson on her first date with her now husband and falling in love: 

"That's an autobiographical account of our first road trip together. We'd only known each other for a few days. I mean, we knew each other from before from a failed blind date way back in the '80s. And then we both, we separated and went our separate ways after the failed date. And he got married and had kids, and I had kids. And we came back together 30 years later in 2014. And it worked this time. I guess we just had to mature enough and, you know, it wasn't his fault either. It was kind of mine 'cause I was a wild rock person, you know. I was just, everything you wanna say about rock guys could also be applied to me during my 30s.

Of course, you know what happens when you fall in love with someone. Everything inside just lights up, like all the hormones come to life. All the things just smil and the world is so wonderful. So, you know, you're gonna put on the perfume, you're gonna wear some stay up socks over your tights, you know, and and just do all the things that make you feel sexy. And I think that's beautiful."

Check out the complete interview on SiriusXM’s Fierce: Women in Music here.

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