BLACK SMOKE TRIGGER Release "Sun Cries Red" From New Album Horizons; Pre-Orders Available Now

July 9, 2024, a week ago

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BLACK SMOKE TRIGGER Release "Sun Cries Red" From New Album Horizons; Pre-Orders Available Now

New Zealand hard rock powerhouse, Black Smoke Trigger, have a brand new song out today, "Sun Cries Red", as well as the release date for their debut album Horizons, due August 2, 2024.

Watch the In-Studio Performance Video of "Sun Cries Red":

Black Smoke Trigger peels apart the layers of "Sun Cries Red":

"'Sun Cries Red' came to life while we were in pre-production for the album Horizons. After the initial writing session, we stayed up all night recording the demo. Dan finished his bass part and went to bed; and the rest of us continued on in an alcohol fueled recording session. After going over and over the song adding different layers in our Air-BnB in Nashville, Dan burst out of his room absolutely pissed off that we had been going so long and so loud which was kind of hilarious. We needed to finish the demo so we of course just continued on.

A couple days later when I was recording the guitar solo in the studio, he said, 'Where did that solo come from!?' which was possibly one of the funniest moments from recording the album. After explaining it was written when he was all pissed off that he couldn't sleep, he said, 'Well I didn't realize you were writing epic stuff like that,' it was good fun.

The song lyrically is about looking back at something that is important but neglected, seeing something in a shadow of its former glory. Continuing the recording process, producer Nick Raskulinecz suggested we experiment by adding a string section to the song, Josh ended up writing all those parts and it really took the song to another level."

Black Smoke Trigger will release their debut album, Horizons, on August 2, 2024. Pre-order your copy on CD or Vinyl here. Artwork and tracklisting are as follows:

"Phantom Pain"
"The Way Down"
"Perfect Torture"
"Proof Of Life"
"Learn To Crawl"
"Set Me On Fire"
"One More Chance (Don't Let It Slip Away)"
"Never Dies"
"Sun Cries Red"

For further details, visit Black Smoke Trigger on Facebook.

(Photo - Andhe Chandler)


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