BRAZEN ABBOT Guitarist NIKOLO KOTZEV Launches KIKIMORA; Dirty Nails Album Due In May

March 10, 2021, 3 years ago

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BRAZEN ABBOT Guitarist NIKOLO KOTZEV Launches KIKIMORA; Dirty Nails Album Due In May

Escape Music announces the signing of Bulgarian band Kikimora, featuring the multi-talented musician, Maestro Nikolo Kotzev (Brazen Abbot). The new album, Dirty Nails, will be released on May 14.

Kikimora was founded back in 2011 by Nikolo Kotzev (Brazen Abbot, Nostradamus the rock opera, Robin Gibb), immediately after moving back to his home country Bulgaria. The name of the band comes from an ancient evil spirit in the Slavic mythology.

Nikolo’s idea was to write new songs in Bulgarian language, focusing on live performances on local ground. Soon the band took a leading position on the Bulgarian rock scene, started playing large outdoor shows and headlining festivals in the country. The band started enjoying quite a large media attention and made many appearances on TV and radio shows.

Along with Nikolo’s own material, the band performed many legendary rock anthems from great bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow, AC/DC among others. During the years Kikimora backed up guest singers like Joe Lynn Turner, Doogie White and Jörn Lande and made quite a few shows with them in Bulgaria.

Along with the live work, Nikolo created original material, which was released in 2015 with the album called "Kikimora".

Around 2016 the band participated in a spectacle with a symphonic orchestra, performing opera classics in rock arrangements with opera singers, plus the bands own singer Nikola Zdravkov. After a few showcases, the band carried on with three of the country’s Opera houses, performing a similar show called “One Night In The Opera” drawing large crowds around the country.

After quite a few successful concerts, the band made another crossover, “Children In Time”,  a tribute to Deep Purple and Rainbow, performed again with a symphonic orchestra. They followed that up with another one, called ”Here We Go Again”, a Whitesnake tribute. The next one was called “They Say Rock Is Dead?” a tribute to the rock music of the 70s and the 80s.

In late 2019 Nikolo began building a recording studio. Shortly after the studio was completed, a decision was made to record a new album in English language. Work began in July 2020 and the album was finished in February 2021. The end result is explosive!

Updates to follow.


 Nikolo Kotzev – Guitars (Brazen Abbot)
Nikola Zdravkov - vocals
Nikolay Todorov - drums and vocals
Nikolay Tsvetkov - bass

(Photo - Escape Music Ltd.)

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