CVLT OV THE SVN Debut "We Are The Dragon" Lyric Video

May 3, 2021, a week ago

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CVLT OV THE SVN Debut "We Are The Dragon" Lyric Video

May 7 will see mysterious Finnish dark occult rock act Cvlt Ov The Svn release its grim and addictive first full length, We Are The Dragon, on Napalm Records. Today, the band has released a final single for the album opener and title track.

“We Are The Dragon” paves the way for a dangerous yet intriguing journey into the frenetic vortex of Cvlt Ov The Svn. Like a captivating horror film, the song’s creepy mood takes your breath away, drawing your attention to every note and detail. Get lost in this occult rock and dark pop maelstrom.

Watch the new video for "We Are The Dragon" below.

"’We Are The Dragon’ was one of the first COTS songs ever to see the light of day and earned the role of ‘title track’ immediately,” the anonymous visionary behind Cvlt Ov The Svn reveals. "Also, as the opener for the album, the first lyrics that people would eventually hear when giving it a spin were very important to me. ‘We are the darkness and decay’ is a proper line to begin the album with. A straightforward rock n' roll anthem depicting the darkness itself."

Inspired by movies like The Exorcist and the all devouring darkness itself, Cvlt Ov The Svn draws inspiration not only from the heavy rock genre and greats like Type O Negative, Ghost and Turbonegro, but the nostalgic influences of mainstream artists like Roxette as well. Conceptually conveying a variety of extreme emotions, each of the album’s twelve enthralling tracks cut through the noise of society like a razorblade, leaving a long-lasting impression on the listener that’ll have them clamoring for more.

In addition to the macabre thrills of their music, there’s also the character the band’s mysterious frontman takes on stage, twisting the dagger of perception even further like your favorite horror flick and making for a combined experience that cuts deep and close to the bone.

“It’s easier to tell those grim stories through another identity, another character,” the creative cvlt leader recently said. “Black cloaks just go with it, obviously. I’m a big fan of suspense and this kind of content is all about the surprises. I find it is an intriguing realm to explore. Whatever lies ahead, Cvlt Ov The Svn will adapt and thrive.”

Pre-order We Are The Dragon at this location.


"We Are The Dragon"
"My Venom"
"Don’t Be Tender Love Me Cruel"
"Dancing With The Devil"
"I’m Gonna Find Out"
"Luna In The Sky Forever"
"The Murderer"
"Whore Of Babylon"
"The Pit"
"Another Infinity"

"Hellbound" lyric video:

"My Venom" video:

(Photo - Jukka Hautajärvi)

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