Exclusive: British Columbia’s PHAETON Premiers “Monsoon” Video

March 3, 2023, 8 months ago

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Exclusive: British Columbia’s PHAETON Premiers “Monsoon” Video

Phaeton is interplanetary instrumental heavy prog metal hailing from the west coast of Canada. Like their name suggests, they are fascinated with astronomy, and the idea of life itself, in all its beauty and wonder and majesty, emerging from an instant of catastrophic cosmic violence. Their dramatic music emerges from the void in thrilling bursts and unexpected turns in their second album Between Two Worlds and the first single "Monsoon" – premiered exclusively through BraveWords! 

The band shares their excitement for the single and what fans can expect:

“Daniel brought this one into the band and proves that he's the Canadian King of the Killer Riff. After the kickoff crunch riffs set the mood, here comes a spooky halftime riff with a spookier guitar lead on it, and then another Killer Riff in quasi-swung time stabs out of the speakers. If Kevin is Phaeton's version of a traditional Classical Composer (mind you, one with a 7-string Ibanez), then Daniel is our Classic Metalhead (one with a 7-string Schechter). Whereas Kevin's songwriting style usually threads a string of different interlocking themes, Daniel knows how to capture the ears of even non-prog listeners by repeating the familiar themes, albeit with slightly different punctuations which are, to use formal musical terminology - Hella Cool.”

Phaeton strives to deliver an attention-focused listening experience. One drenched in joy and wonder and the emotional, visceral release that only prog-metal can deliver. And the lack of lyrical interference only allows the listener the better opportunity to let their imaginations run wild with the music, drifting emotionally away on the solar winds to wherever they wish to soar.

Listeners of Phaeton will find a unique twist on progressive metal, which they define on their own, song after song. They are recommended for fans of Rush, Dream Theater, and King Crimson.

Between Two Worlds is due out on April 21; preorder on Bandcamp.


“Oceans Of Time”
“Terra Australis”
“Magma Chamber”
“Between Two Worlds”

(Photo – Julian Bueckert Photo)

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