Exclusive: MATT SORUM To Play Drums For MOTÖRHEAD

August 26, 2009, 13 years ago

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On the one-year anniversary of the release of Motörizer, and the day prior to embarking on a North American tour, MOTÖRHEAD frontman Lemmy Kilmister spoke exclusively with Aaron Small from BraveWords.com.

It was recently announced that Motörhead drummer Mikkey Dee will only partake in the first and final dates of this 29 city trek. Reason being, he’ll be filming season one of Kändisdjungeln, Sweden's version of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Of Here! “I can’t wait to see that,” chuckles Lemmy. “He’s in the Malaysian jungle, and he doesn’t like bugs. And I think they have to be parachuted into the fucking thing – and he doesn’t like heights either. So it’s definitely going to be worth watching.”

The question beckons, who will Mikkey’s temporary replacement be? Lemmy answers, “Matt Sorum” of THE CULT, GUNS N’ ROSES, VELVET REVOLVER and CAMP FREDDY. Despite Sorum’s impressive resume, he wasn’t Lemmy’s first choice. “No. I asked Dave Grohl (FOO FIGHTERS, NIRVANA) first, but he couldn’t do it cause he’s doing that thing with McCARTNEY.” Although Matt is only a couple of weeks away from joining Motörhead on stage, surprisingly he hasn’t rehearsed with the band. “No, not yet. He’s going to have to learn some bits of it from the live DVDs. He’ll come out for a couple of days before he starts to watch Mikkey to get the idea. He’ll be alright, he’s a professional.”

It seems rather strange, Mikkey missing the majority of a tour to be part of a reality TV show. Lemmy clarifies the situation. “Well he already had it booked you see. The tour came late. He didn’t tell anybody that he’d declared himself for this thing. Otherwise I would have insisted on him doing the tour, obviously. But seeing as it was a prior obligation, if you say you’ll be there... I think he’s already had the fucking shots, the anti-tropical disease shots.”

But as far as reality TV goes, Lemmy thinks, “it’s the worst shit that’s ever been on TV! Fucking Big Brother – people watch people sleep. They actually watch people sleep! And they’ve got the nerve to put it on TV. I think they should be struck off the fucking register just for putting it on. It’s garbage, beyond all reason. But who am I? What do I know? I’m sure there’s a plan behind it. If we can make them watch people sleep, they’ll be easier to govern.”

Another recent headline grabber was English model and singer Samantha Fox stating that she wanted Lemmy to give her away at her (lesbian) wedding. “I know. It’s funny that. I haven’t seen her for years. But if I’m in the area I’ll do it. She’s a great girl. She hasn’t actually asked me yet. She’s asked the press. I guess she knew it would get to me. I don’t know when she’s doing it or where?” Initial reports state Siberia. “Oh well that lets me out.”

Always keeping his sights on the future, Lemmy is already looking forward to the next Motörhead studio album. “We’re going to do a new one in January.” As far as current ideas for the disc go... “Nothing. We always write under the knife. It works for us.” Next year’s effort will be a big one though as it’s the 20th studio album, marking the 35th anniversary of the band. Knocking down the accolades, Lemmy brings reality to the forefront. “Motörizer is the first time we’ve ever been in the US Hot 100.” Hopefully he’ll chart higher in 2010. “Well we’re really good you know. We never let the fans down. We never sold out. We always did what we do best.”

2010 is Motörhead’s 35th anniversary. Will anything special be done in recognition? “I don’t think so. It’s only the 35th anniversary of Motörhead. I’ve been in music longer; it’s my 43rd (anniversary) or something like that. Our management will probably think up something embarrassing for us to do.” There’s already a Lemmy action figure; maybe we’ll get a Lemmy bobble-head. “Oh, that would be fucking awful wouldn’t it?”

For this upcoming tour, Motörhead has tapped REVEREND HORTON HEAT and NASHVILLE PUSSY as the opening acts. In fact, Lemmy chose those bands personally. “It’s pretty good eh? I’ve been on stage with The Reverend a couple of times and he’s on my solo album too, so that was easy enough. And we toured twice with Nashville Pussy in 2000 and 2001; it was excellent! They’re the ideal band to warm up for Motörhead – rock out with your cock out.” And it doesn’t hurt that Ruyter (Suys, NP guitarist) usually ends the show in her underwear. “Yeah, that’s kind of a bad habit. I don’t know why she keeps it all on?”

Pulling another folder from the what-not-to-expect-next file is Lemmy: The Movie. “I was told “next year. But they’ve said next year for the last two years. Don’t hold your breath.” Lemmy briefly describes having a camera crew follow him around. “They were out for two tours with us, that’s it. Getting live footage, talking to the crew and the rest of the band. I’m sure I’m going to be fucking horrified by some of it.”

In spite of the advance hype about his film, Lemmy often scratches his head and wonders, why the fuck do they want to make a movie about me? “Yeah, all the time. Almost constantly since they broached the subject. I don’t get it. I don’t find myself very interesting, but obviously somebody does.”

So Lemmy will be the guest of honour at the theatrical premiere? “I’m not going in cinemas – you can’t smoke in there. I fuckin’ hate ‘em. I used to go to the cinema when I was a kid. But they’ve changed. Now your knees are up under your chin, it’s not much fun. If you kiss somebody in the back row, somebody’ll come with a fucking flashlight and throw you out - encouraging minors to misbehave or some fucking thing.”

Once more returning to the imminent stage show, Lemmy discusses how elaborate it will be, in terms of lights and pyro. “It’s going to be lots of lights, but not pyros really. Phil (Campbell, guitar) always forgets where they are. It can be a nasty shock, like James Hetfield of METALLICA. We ran out of money for that stuff a long time ago. We’re only making slightly more now. I’m not looking to spend a lot on a flash and a bang and a whimper. I think the music ought to do it for you and if it doesn’t, we’re doing it wrong.”

As far as the music goes, there are 19 albums to choose from. “Um... it’s a surprise. The old stuff and the new stuff.” For those curious about last year’s Motörizer... “Just a couple. We’ve got to put the old stuff in. Kids want to hear it. We’ve got so much old stuff; it’s a bit tricky choosing. So we fight over it and it comes out.”

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