JEFF LYNNE - Trade Edition Of Wembley Or Bust Book Marks 50th Anniversary Of ELO's Formation

November 3, 2021, 2 years ago

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JEFF LYNNE - Trade Edition Of Wembley Or Bust Book Marks 50th Anniversary Of ELO's Formation

Marking the 50th anniversary of ELO’s formation, and 3 years since the stunning Wembley concert, Genesis Publications have released the bookstore trade edition of Jeff Lynne’s book, Wembley Or Bust.

“It means so much to me to release this book during the 50th anniversary of ELO, and three years on from our Wembley Or Bust concert. It was an unforgettable night and I’m excited to relive it with all of you again inside these pages.” - Jeff Lynne

In his first official book, Jeff Lynne reveals the meticulous planning leading up to the epic Wembley or Bust concert, and shares the stories behind a career-spanning catalogue of songs. Backed by his 12-piece band against a dazzling backdrop of pyrotechnics, lasers and a giant ELO spaceship, Lynne performed his most extensive set list to date for over two hours to a capacity crowd of 60,000 fans, captured in thousands of photographs taken from all vantage points within Wembley Stadium.

For 50 years, the musical brilliance of Jeff Lynne has been striking a chord with fans all over world. WEMBLEY OR BUST is introduced and narrated throughout by Jeff Lynne. He tells the story behind the concert and reflects on each of the show's songs, drawn from the catalogue of ELO albums that have sold more than 50 million records to date. His narration guides the reader through hundreds of exclusive photographs taken specially for the making of this book. From backstage to front of house, Wembley or Bust is Jeff Lynne’s account of a once-in-a-lifetime concert, and its significance within the greater story of his career.

“The Wembley concert symbolises what I think we could carry on doing forever – for however long we want to. I would say that this is the best time I've ever had in music.” - Jeff Lynne

One of the most successful recording artists, singer-songwriters and producers in rock history, Lynne has achieved success with ELO, as a solo artist, as one of the Traveling Wilburys, and by producing many of the most significant artists of our times - a list that includes Lynne's heroes such as Roy Orbison, Del Shannon and even The Beatles.

In 2017, Electric Light Orchestra - the band Jeff Lynne has led since it was first launched into the musical stratosphere back in 1972 - was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In his induction speech, Dhani Harrison, the son of Lynne's close friend and collaborator George Harrison, lovingly introduced Lynne as 'the ELO extraterrestrial wizard captain - the man with it all.'

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