MARTY FRIEDMAN Releases New Album Today; "Triumph" Visualizer Available

May 17, 2024, a month ago

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MARTY FRIEDMAN Releases New Album Today; "Triumph" Visualizer Available

Guitar legend Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) releases his new album, Drama, today (May 17) via Frontiers Music srl. Order the album here, and check out the official visualizer for the track "Triumph" below.

Marty Friedman's presence in the world of music, the world of guitar, and Japanese pop culture is mystifying, bizarre, and nothing short of inspiring. From his groundbreaking beginnings with Cacophony, alongside the legendary Jason Becker, to his pivotal role in propelling Megadeth to its peak of popularity with his breath-taking range and unorthodox melodic sense, Marty has solidified his status as a unique guitar icon.

With his latest solo album, Drama, Marty only slightly revisits the atmospheric elements of his acclaimed 1992 release Scenes, elevating them to a modern and exotic collection of epic, extravagant, and unapologetically emotional mini-symphonies.

Tracks like "Illumination" and "Mirage" transport listeners to captivating realms, evoking sudden tears and chills. The entire album spotlights Marty's mesmerizing melodies, game-changing arrangements, and heart-tugging motifs, even more than any of his previous work.

Recorded in Italy, where Marty had access to a treasure trove of vintage guitars along with his modern signature models, Drama is a pure delight for anyone who appreciates music that stirs emotions.


"Song For An Eternal Child"
"Triumph" (Official Version)
"Thrill City"
"Deep End"
"Dead Of Winter" (English Vocal)
"A Prayer"
"Acapella" (Guitar Solo)
"Tearful Confession"
"2 Rebeldes" (Spanish Vocal)

"Illumination" visualizer:

"Dead Of Winter" video

Since moving to Japan in 2003, Marty has become a household name even beyond the world of music. Fluent in Japanese, he has appeared on over 900 Japanese TV shows of every variety, as well as motion pictures and commercials including an ad campaign for Coca-Cola / Fanta that ran for over two years. He was recently appointed an Ambassador of Japan Heritage by the Japanese government who also commissioned him to compose the "Japan Heritage Theme Song", recorded by Marty and the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and is played at official government-related events. He has played the Opening Ceremony at the Tokyo Marathon 5 times, most recently in March 2024. Three books on Marty's life have been released in Japan and a brand-new full autobiography will be released worldwide later this year.

In addition to his legendary work with Cacophony and Megadeth, Marty has released fifteen solo albums starting in 1988 with Dragon's Kiss, and has had multi-platinum, platinum, and gold album sales awards in twenty-seven countries, achieving seven Grammy nominations to date. In recent years, Friedman has put out the distinguished, ongoing Tokyo Jukebox line, which, as the title suggests, is a series of albums featuring covers of Japanese songs starting with Tokyo Jukebox in 2009, Tokyo Jukebox 2 in 2011, and most recently, Tokyo Jukebox 3 in 2020. This series has become a go-to set for people all around the world who are fast becoming fascinated with Japan and its music.

Marty has played the Tokyo Dome, Budokan, and every major Japanese venue multiple times. He has toured Japan countless times with his solo music as well as alongside many legendary Japanese stars. Since the release of Tokyo Jukebox 3 in 2020, Marty has toured Japan twice, performed as a soloist with three major symphony orchestras, and made several TV appearances, most recently performing with Yoshiki of X Japan.

Since the pandemic, Marty and his band have toured the US twice and are planning to tour extensively for Drama.

Band Members:

Marty Friedman - Guitar
Wakazaemon - Bass
Gregg Bissonette - Drums
Mika Maruki - Piano, Keyboard & Synth
Hiyori Okuda - Cello
Miho Chigyo - Violin

Vocals on “Dead of Winter”: Chris Brooks (Like A Storm)
Vocals on “2 Rebeldes”: Steven Baquero Vargas
Bass on “Mirage”: Or Lubianiker
Rhythm Guitar on “Thrill City”: Naoki Morioka
Keys and Synth on “Sanctuary”: Takuro Iga
Drums  on “Thrill City”: Chargeeeeee

Additional recording: Yukiko Takada, Jordan Rudess, Naoki Morioka, Maki Furugaki, Chris Brooks, Matt Brooks, Kent Brooks, Brian Becvar

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