NITA STRAUSS Is Planning Her Next Solo Album - "I Don't Want To Wait Another Five Years"

June 2, 2024, a month ago

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NITA STRAUSS Is Planning Her Next Solo Album - "I Don't Want To Wait Another Five Years"

Ultimate Guitar's Justin Beckner caught up with Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss on her recent US solo tour. She discussed plans for the follow-up album to Call Of The Void, and collaborations with other artist that she has in mind.

UG: Are there wheels turning on the next record? I know we're not too deep into the album cycle for this record, but have you started thinking about the next one?

Nita: "Definitely. I don't want to lose the momentum of this one. It was five years between Controlled Chaos and Call Of The Void. I don't want to wait another five years. It has been kind of hard to think of any concrete ideas because I've been on the road the entire time, literally from the month before the record came out. We started touring to promote the record, and I have not had more than two weeks home since then. It's been almost a year. So it's been hard to sort of sit and be creative, but I plan to do it.

I plan to sort of get into the meat and potatoes of it after I get back — we're going on honeymoon next week. Then, after that, I'll sort of sit on that stuff during the Alice Cooper tour and start trying to piece some ideas together."

UG: Are there some other collaborations that you hope to have in the future?

Nita: "I think, on the next record, I just want to go further in both directions. I would love to do something more mainstream; maybe it's with someone like Demi (Lovato), which would be a dream come true, or somebody like Pink. And then I want to do something heavy because the stuff that I listen to on my own time is pretty heavy.

So, I would love to just explore more of my range in different ways. I think a cool thing that we did on this record is we brought everybody into a new space for them. You're hearing Chris Motionless sing on a more mainstream style of song. It's still heavy, but it's a little bit more mainstream. We just tried to push everybody in different ways. So I'd like to keep doing that."

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"Summer Storm
"The Wolf You Feed" (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)
"Digital Bullets" (feat. Chris Motionless)
"Through The Noise" (feat. Lzzy Hale)
"Consume The Fire"
"Dead Inside" (feat. David Draiman)
"Victorious" (feat. Dorothy)
"The Golden Trail" (feat. Anders Fridén)
"Winner Takes All" (feat. Alice Cooper)
"Monster" (feat. Lilith Czar)
"Surfacing" (feat. Marty Friedman)

"The Wolf You Feed"

"The Golden Trail":

"Winner Takes All":

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