ONWARD Guitarist TOBY KNAPP Releases New WAXEN Video “Holocaust Lights”

June 2, 2023, 3 months ago

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ONWARD Guitarist TOBY KNAPP Releases New WAXEN Video “Holocaust Lights”

Guitarist Toby Knapp's long running Black Metal project, Waxen, will release its sixth album, Die Macht Von Hassen, July 9 via Moribund Records.  The official video for the track "Holocaust Lights" is available below.

States the guitarist: "I'm very excited for the release of this album. Die Macht Von Hassen is the result of a kid who grew up listening to Yngwie's Malmsteen's Marching Out and Bathory's The Return of Darkness And Evil and took equal inspiration from both.”

Die Macht Von Hassen (German for The Power of Hate) is loaded with traditional thrash metal riffing that turns into black metal shredding, then sways towards a neo-classical heavy metal solo or segments of brutal death metal tremolo. Toby Knapp’s innovative and eclectic style and talent for writing real songs surpasses and sets him apart from all other shredders.

Die Macht Von Hassen is Knapp’s personal response to a black metal scene which has been diluted and distilled for far too long into something unrecognizable by its creators, founders and followers. A comprehensive tome of ceremonial magic put forth to re-instill the vigor, vinegar and vitriol of days of old. Days when black and thrash metal, were about creating hateful art aimed against the world’s major religions and contempt towards humanity as a whole, instead of being socially correct. 


"Die Macht Von Hassen"
"God of All Endings"
"Those Reviled"
"Your Kingdom Will Bleed
"Holocaust Light"

"Holocaust Light":

"Those Reviled"

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