ORANGE GOBLIN - Bassist MARTYN MILLARD Announces His Departure From The Band

October 29, 2020, a year ago

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ORANGE GOBLIN - Bassist MARTYN MILLARD Announces His Departure From The Band

Ahead of Orange Goblin's 25th anniversary gigs next month in The UK, bassist Martyn Millard has announced that, "These two shows will be my last in this amazing band." 

"I've been thinking about it for a couple of years, and the 25th anniversary, the end of this year, seemed like the right time," says Martyn. "It hasn't happened that we can play the 25th anniversary set this year; we were due to do all sorts of festivals and gigs and had all these plans, but it hasn't happened. And if I wait until there's some sort of normality, then that could be this time next year at least. I'd just be holding the band back. There's no hard feelings, I love them and I always will. I'll always support this amazing band!" 

"The changeover with the new bass player, which will be announced in due course, will be as smooth as I can possible make it," continues Millard. "Now's as good a time as any to have that changeover when there's no shows and it can be done properly. So, that's what I want to do. And, it gives me a little chance right now to say thank you to everybody who's helped the band in all sorts of ways - driven us, put us up, fed us, wiped our asses, everything. All the crew, and everyone who's worked for the band in that way. All the fans for supporting us, and some people going way, way, way beyond the call of what is normal, getting the band tattooed on you, and traveling abroad to see us, and following us on tour. You guys make it worth the while, and I wouldn't change that for the world. So, thank you to all you people who have helped us in any way. And thank you to the three guys: Ben, Joe, Chris. I wouldn't do it with any other people."

"As you know, we have been forced to postpone all the planned 25th Anniversary shows which we had scheduled for this year," says UK bruisers Orange Goblin. "However, we have decided to try something different so that we can mark the occasion and we are proud to announce - Two Live Shows Are Happening!"

"We will perform two nights in London (England) in November - you can watch these shows online OR attend in person (if you're quick):"

November 15th - From Planet Ten…. To The House Of God
A set that will concentrate solely on material from the band's early, Rise Above Records era.

November 16th - They Come Back…. The Filthy & The Damned
A set that will focus on songs from post-Rise Above years, right up to and including material from the latest album The Wolf Bites Back.

How do you watch these shows? Both shows will be streamed globally and for tickets go to:

If you want to attend the shows in person there are VERY LIMITED physical tickets available via

Orange Goblin vocalist Ben Ward explains: "There hasn't been much for people to get excited about this year but we hope that this will give the Orange Goblin fans something to look forward to and we promise that there will also be other little treats both online and at the shows for those that get involved! We look forward to welcoming you all to our 25th Anniversary celebrations! Tickets on sale now, both will be available for 48 hours afterwards if you can’t make it."


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