RUSH - "Cygnus X-1" And NEIL PEART's Last Known Professionally Filmed Drum Solo From Toronto 2015 Show Streaming (UHD Remaster)

June 8, 2023, 4 months ago

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RUSH - "Cygnus X-1" And NEIL PEART's Last Known Professionally Filmed Drum Solo From Toronto 2015 Show Streaming (UHD Remaster)

The StickHits YouTube channel, found here, has shared another remastered live Rush video. Check it out below.

StickHits: "Why this still isn't on Youtube AT ALL, let alone in 4K, is beyond me. But without further ado, the professor's last known professionally filmed drum solo; an incredible capstone to a legacy that was already untouchable prior to 2015. RIP, my master, the reason I am a musician, and no doubt the most influential person in my life outside my immediate family. 6:15 - 6:50 is one of my favorite sections of any Neil solo ever, and will always give me chills, that's what it must be like to cross the event horizon in to a black hole...

Besides the visual upgrade, I wanted to rework the audio to add more clarity, especially to the high end. I have a bit of a love / hate relationship with the sound on R40. Certain aspects of it are top-tier to me, others not so much. I was not a fan of just how dark and distant Neil's drums were specifically at a lot of points during this video, especially his higher toms and certain cymbals which got totally lost in the mix a lot of the time being barely audible. 

Basically, I made a duplicate of the drum track where I brought a lot of the the more buried details to the top of the mix, and tried to even things out so you could hear a lot of what was mostly lost in the original, as well as reducing the amount of reverb and ambience that still is more than present enough to my ears even after cleaning a lot of it up. I hope you all enjoy!"

On April 28, UMe/Mercury and Anthem Records continued the comprehensive Rush 40th anniversary album series with new and expanded editions of the band’s decade-defining 1982 release, Signals, an album that signified how the band was in no way detached and subdivided from the ever-shifting 1980s musical landscape.

Signals-40th Anniversary is available to fans in three distinct configurations, including the (1) Super Deluxe Edition, (2) one-LP Picture Disc Edition, and (3) Dolby Atmos Digital Edition. There is also be a limited edition Super Deluxe box featuring eight lithographs of Neil Peart’s original hand-drawn lyrics for each song on Signals only available through the official Rush online store.

All configurations can be ordered and saved, here.

Signals, Rush’s ninth studio album, was originally released in September 1982, and its technology-embracing riffs and rhythms, continued the forward-thinking trajectory of the acclaimed Canadian trio as it continued to chart the demands of a new decade. The album’s eight songs built upon Rush’s penchant for adapting to the flow of the times without compromising its flair for melding long-established progressive roots with radio-friendly song arrangements. Signals, co-produced by Rush with longtime band confidant Terry Brown and engineered by Paul Northfield, was the third of numerous Rush recording sessions held at Le Studio in Morin-Heights, Quebec. The band’s synergistic recording process at Le Studio had been well-established during sessions for the aforementioned Moving Pictures, as well as the sessions for that album’s predecessor, January 1980’s Permanent Waves.

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