SLASH PUPPET Frontman MIF Talks Studs & Gems Release - "Somehow The Band And Our Music Continues To Resonate In Its Own Cult-Like Way"

November 23, 2021, a week ago

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SLASH PUPPET Frontman MIF Talks Studs & Gems Release - "Somehow The Band And Our Music Continues To Resonate In Its Own Cult-Like Way"

MIF Entertainment recently announced the release of their highly anticipated Slash Puppet "best of" compilation CD, entitled Studs & Gems. Frontman Anthony "Mif" Mifsud spoke with Ballbuster Music aboutthe band's history and the new release. Following is an excerpt from the interview.

On the band's legacy

Mif: "Even after all these years, interest in Slash Puppet has continued to linger, and somehow the band and our music continues to resonate in its own cult-like way with many people throughout the world! So much so, that our original CDs continue to sell for top buck online making it quite unaffordable for many who wish to purchase our music. By releasing this compilation we hope to make it easier for these same fans to have some of our very best songs to enjoy once again."

On the possibility of a reunion

Mif: "I am and always have been a never say never kind of guy, and if the opportunity ever arises where the members of Slash Puppet wanted to try and get back together for a few shows or a tour, I would welcome it! My idea in fact has always been to involve all the members who were in the band (including both bassists) as I have no problem whatsoever of jumping back up on stage with any of those guys or variation thereof. No animosity or issues exists towards them on my part."

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On Thursday, October 19, 1989 a little known band by the name of Slash Puppet hit the stage at the now legendary Rock 'N' Roll Heaven in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to a capacity crowd and laid a musical foundation that continues to resonate with fans the world over until this very day!!! 

This past October 19, 2021 (on the 32nd anniversary of that inaugural show) we announced that after many months of unfortunate setbacks and delays the band's long awaited compilation CD entitled Studs & Gems was finally here!!!

This limited edition CD features a compilation of the band's very best songs including a never before released extended live version of the song "Stranger Danger".

A limited quantity will be made available for pre-order first and foremost to Slash Puppet fans here in Canada, the United States and internationally within the next couple of weeks!!! Further ordering details to follow!!!"


"When The Whip Comes Down"
"Rippin' On A Wishbone"
"Eyes Of A Child"
"Evil Woman"
"Hard On Love"
"Stop Tellin' Me Lies"
"Hitch A Ride (On A Train)"
"Slow Down"
"Squeeze It In"
"Stranger Danger" (Live)

(Band photo by Andrew MacNaughton)

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