TARJA TURUNEN To Perform With SCORPIONS ON Wetten, Dass..?

March 23, 2010, 12 years ago

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TARJA TURUNEN (ex-NIGHTWISH) has issued the following update:

"The trip to Los Angeles was very successful and the songs that needed orchestra and choir arrangements are now ready to be recorded.

It is very exciting indeed to imagine how everything will sound in the end when these two important elements are recorded.

This time we have decided with Jim Dooley and Tim Davis who will conduct the orchestra, that the recordings will take place in few days in Bratislava. Slovak National Symphony Orchestra and Choir will be playing on my record.

I am very happy with the work of Jim who put his heart into my songs. I got again very emotional by listening his work. It’s unbelievable how gorgeous gift of music he has. You’ll hear pretty soon what I mean.

I left the sunny LA a week ago to return to Buenos Aires to record vocals for few more songs.

Still there are six more to go. It feels endless, but we are working hard to get everything done in time.

I am satisfied with my vocals since I feel that I have learned quite a lot in these last few years and the people that are working with me this time, are really helpful and supportive.

It is absolutely important that during my vocal recordings I am neither worried nor nervous for any reason. That would affect my performance in an instant.

It has been just great to be able to be free and produce my own record for the first time. Is strange feeling to have recorded already around ten albums, but still What Lies Beneath process has been so far a gift, a learning process and such a joy. In many ways feels like the first time.

I won’t go to common places to say that MWS was just fine and WLB is the best!

I do have MWS in my heart and will always be like that. If those were the first steps, with WLB I learned to run.

Both albums are equally important for me, both part of a life process.

There have been so many moments to cherish and cheer which I will always remember and keep in my heart.

Next flight will take to Salzburg where you’ll see me performing with SCORPIONS in the most successful TV show in Europe called Wetten Dass..? on next Saturday, March 27th. Don’t miss it! I am sure I will have a good time there with the band and it is a great honour for me to take part in their performance in this particular show.

Until then…"

Tarja Turunen is detailing work on her forthcoming new album, What Lies Beneath, on her official blog at Tarja-whatliesbeneath.com. Further updates to follow.

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