THE ROLLING STONES Return To Voodoo Lounge For 30th Anniversary Editions

May 22, 2024, 3 weeks ago

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THE ROLLING STONES Return To Voodoo Lounge For 30th Anniversary Editions

To mark the 30th anniversary of The Rolling Stones' Grammy-winning 1994 album, Voodoo Lounge, special editions in both physical and digital formats are being released this summer. The release includes four additional tracks which will be making their debut on streaming services

The new editions, available from July 12, celebrate a studio set that sold more than six million copies worldwide including Stones favourites "You Got Me Rocking", "Out Of Tears" and the UK top 20 single "Love Is Strong", and went on to win a Grammy Award for "Best Rock Album".
The 30th anniversary releases, which will be augmented with a merch range, are a 2LP red and yellow vinyl edition, and a separate 2LP red and yellow vinyl which adds a white vinyl 10” disc featuring the four bonus tracks. Like the album, these were all Jagger-Richards compositions, all but one written at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin at the end of recording sessions for Voodoo Lounge.

The quartet of songs available for the first time on streaming platforms comprises "I’m Gonna Drive", the original B-side of the "Out Of Tears" single, with a sterling slide guitar part by Ronnie Wood; the rollicking "So Young", which had its origins in the Some Girls sessions of 1978; "Jump On Top Of Me", the B-side of "You Got Me Rocking"; and "The Storm", another flipside that evoked the Stones' unbreakable bond with Chicago blues.

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"Love Is Strong" (Side A)
"You Got Me Rocking" (Side A)
"Sparks Will Fly" (Side A)
"The Worst" (Side B)
"New Faces" (Side B)
"Moon Is Up" (Side B)
"Out Of Tears" (Side B)

LP 2
"I Go Wild" (Side A)
"Brand New Car" (Side A)
"Sweethearts Together" (Side A)
"Suck On The Jugular" (Side A)
"Blinded By Rainbows" (Side B)
"Baby Break It Down" (Side B)
"Thru And Thru" (Side B)
"Mean Disposition" (Side B)

Bonus 10"
"I'm Gonna Drive" (Side A)
"So Young" (Side A)
"Jump On Top Of Me" (Side B)
"The Storm" (Side B)

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