ULI JON ROTH Considering Covering SCORPIONS' “Send Me An Angel” – “I Think It’s Absolutely Beautiful”

April 7, 2016, 8 years ago

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ULI JON ROTH Considering Covering SCORPIONS' “Send Me An Angel” – “I Think It’s Absolutely Beautiful”

Former Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell and guitarist Uli Jon Roth join Mitch for episode 210 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.

In the show's first interview, drummer Herman Rarebell talks about working with former Scorpions alumni Michael Schenker and Francis Buchholz in Temple Of Rock. He also discusses his time with the Scorpions, Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock's upcoming Live In Madrid album and Blu-ray, the strained relationship between the Scorpions and former bassist Francis Buchholz, Savage Amusement and much more.

On Live In Madrid (time 4.22): "It's so outstanding and I'm so excited about it. I can't wait for you to see it and to hear it."

His relationship with bassist Francis Buchholz (time 7.13): "There were a lot of things we worked out from the past. We had a long fight with Francis in the courts. I worked them out with an eye to eye conversation between old friends. After the third bottle of red wine; everything was clarified."

Scorpions (time 15.22): "Our dream or at least my dream and Rudolph Schenker's dream was to conquer America and conquer the world with music and give happiness to all those people all over the planet."

The '70s Scorpions vs The '80s Scorpions and their music changing (time 15.46): "Uli was very much Hendrix orientated. You can hear it on the Tokyo Tapes album. The other half of the band was melodic rock like Uriah Heep. There was two directions in the band and I said to Rudolph, 'To make the band successful, we have to decide on one style and play like teamwork. Not like one fantastic guitar player and we play in the direction of Hendrix. We have to find the style which all five play. Matthias was the right guy for this as you know."

Savage Amusement (time 17.36): "Dieter Dierks wanted to make the perfect production with Savage Amusement. That's why the album took three years (which is ridiculous). I personally think this album was a very melodic album and it was a little bit different from the others, but I think it was the right thing to do. You can't just do every album the same stuff."

In the show's second interview, Uli Jon Roth discusses The Ultimate Guitar Experience Tour with (Danger Danger's) Andy Timmons and Michael Jackson's Jennifer Batten, his upcoming new album Tokyo Tapes Revisited, the possibility of recording '80s Scorpions era tracks, the continued tension between the Scorpions and former bass player Francis Buchholz and much more.

On Tokyo Tapes Revisited (time 43.44): "We played in Japan last year and we recorded the entire show at Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo which was exactly the same hall that we used to for Tokyo Tapes. I heard they wanted to dismantle that hall so I thought we should do a farewell concert."

Francis Buchholz and the Scorpions (48.33): "It's a political situation. There's still some disagreement about the past... Tax issues. It's highly complicated. I've spoken to the Scorpions about this. I've spoken to Francis about this and there is a rift. It's quite painful. I don't quite understand that this rift still exists. I'm more of a peace maker kind of person."

Re-recording some '80s era Scorpions songs (52.45): "They've written great songs and they have all reason to be proud of that. There is one song that I might well want to cover. It's called ‘Send Me An Angel’. It's my favorite of what they've written. I think it's absolutely beautiful."

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