ATROPHY - Asylum

March 4, 2024, a month ago


Rich Catino

Rating: 7.5

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ATROPHY - Asylum

We were given a dose of Socialized Hate in 1988, something Violent by Nature in 1990, now in 2024 original singer Brian Zimmerman returns with a new lineup, taking us to the Asylum. I was a fan of the first Atrophy two albums, and this last wave of thrash in the ‘80s that included Evildead, Vio-Lence, and Forbidden. 

So with so many years after the first two albums, and new players, does the new music match up and work in sound and style? Yes, everyone did their homework and I have to borrow part of a quote from the band bio, it uses “the speed from the debut and the grooves from the second album.” 

First track "Punishment For All" is fast and thrashy, works in those much needed riff and tempo changes that makes great thrash great. The guitars, bass, drum sound, and production are modernized of course, it’s not the ‘80s anymore. It’s modern thrash akin to Suicidal Angels on "High Anxiety" and a Chuck Billy (Testament) vocal growl in the beginning. "Seeds Of Sorrow" has rapid riff moments that are 2000s Kreator-eque with a driving drum beat which the production of is great and has a nice snap. Slow groove behind "Distortion".

Bass, lead guitars, and drums build for "Bleeding Out", which is old school thrash grooviness and pounding gallop rhythm verses on "American Dream". By track seven a melodic clean guitar intro and softer vocal, but don't keep your guard down, watch that insane scream, riff trade off, mid pace then picking up a bit, hard hitting and busy at almost six minutes. Another melodic segment begins "Five Minutes Till Suicide" and yet by track nine these guys have not ran out of riffs and keep pounding it out. 

Only thing I'm not getting much of are those big gang backing vocals. It's a solid return regardless - thrash! 

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