COBRAKILL – Serpent’s Kiss

February 17, 2024, 2 months ago


Nick Balazs

Rating: 5.0

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COBRAKILL – Serpent’s Kiss

Cobra Spell, Cobrakill, Night Cobra – are we now in the age of the Cobra? The German newcomers formed in 2020 and are already on full-length number two and first with Frontiers. Their Cobratör debut was a fun, sleazy, raw record that showed promise. Serpent’s Kiss tries to build on that foundation, but ultimately fails with too many mundane ideas that’s overlong.

The debut sat a crisp eight tracks and 32 minutes while Serpent’s Kiss keeps the lip lock on for 12 songs at 47 minutes. Way too much for this style of music – the quality has to be top notch to pull that off.

Serpent’s Kiss presents a cleaner production job and goes for a more glossy, commercial approach in the choruses, the use of keyboards as well as the inclusion of background “oohs” and “ahhs” and it detracts from the dirty, scuzzy vibe of the debut. The formula and riff usage is also stock and uninventive with lyrics all over the place. There’s sleaziness and then outright blatant sexual bravado of “Ride My Rocket” and then a puzzling, serious character on “Concrete Jungle” and “Silent Running”. They don’t fit how the band presents itself.

Where the band excels – vocalist Nick Adams does well nailing an attitude and tone similar to Krokus’ Marc Storace and while the musicianship isn’t flashy, they can let loose, like on closer “Velvet Snakeskin”. The song is amongst their best and showcases the dangerous, dirty feel of Cobrakill. “Hungry Heart” also possesses interesting riff changes and “Razor Blade” cuts as it should. 

Songs like “Seventeen”, “Torture Me”, “Silent Running” should have been cut though. Serpent’s Kiss doesn’t have the venom to shake up the system. These guys need to get back to the atmosphere of the debut – bring your best eight songs with tight rhythms and a vicious, filthy attitude.

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