GALVANIZER - Prying Sight Of Imperception

October 12, 2021, a month ago

(Me Saco Un Ojo/Everlasting Spew)

Greg Pratt

Rating: 9.0

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GALVANIZER - Prying Sight Of Imperception

Finnish death/grinders Galvanizer are back with their second full-length, and I love the vibe they're throwing down, caveman-ish DM but also with some grind smarts. The production is suitably ugly (love the snare sound, inconsistent and natural: beautiful), and the feeling behind this is very Earache '90, but the grindier side of that wonderful sound. 

“Servants Of The Scourge”, for example, is some serious Harmony Corruption-era Napalm Death worship, and “The Inexorable” shows a good grasp of songwriting dynamics, proving there is more than initially meets the eye here. “Ground Above” is one d-beat away from launching into Terrorizer's “Dead Shall Rise”, which, of course, means it totally rules. Closer “Of Flesh Unknown” has the perfect come-down epic ending, closing the album off with a sense of, man, something just happened here. I love that the grind never gets too tech, or even too fast; nothing is blinding lightning speed or over-labyrinthine—everything is suitable to crush beers to, with more energy than your average Floridian DM platter thanks to the wild blasting throughout. 

Man, it all sounds so simple yet Galvanizer have tapped into a sound here that you just don't actually hear that often in 2021, even if you listen to death metal and grindcore all day long. Prying Sight Of Imperception is the Terrorizer record that Terrorizer can never seem to make, which is a huge compliment for a band as young as this.

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