HAUNT - Dreamers

April 8, 2024, a month ago

(Church Recordings)

Nick Balazs

Rating: 8.5

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HAUNT - Dreamers

Since first releasing their debut EP in 2017, Dreamers is already Haunt’s tenth full-length album. Mainman Trevor Church keeps churning out high quality heavy metal and it’s no different on their newest opus. While 2023’s Golden Arm was a 27-minute adrenaline rush, Dreamers is more refined and performed by a complete band – not just Church handling all the instruments.

And Haunt continues to do what they do best, traditional heavy metal with tinkering here and there that stays fresh and thoughtful. Dreamers comes forth with songs of romance and perseverance through a lens of fantasy and sci-fi and it crushes musically with Church and Andy Lei leading the way with flashy and melodic guitar work. Having a full band makes a huge difference.

The drums have a snappy sound and nifty nuances that brings a more attentive notice to the songs and out of the eight tracks, the only misfire is “One Chance” with its odd vocal inflections. The rapid, gang-induced catchy vocal and guitar of “Locked Out”, the acoustic begun (and closed) opener “Serenade”, and the melodic zeal, yet intense closer “Visions” all knock it out of the park. “Steel Mountains” throws a curve with a synth introduction before blazing away with surprising tempo changes and “Return To Sender” hits with desperate immediacy.

Haunt also includes a cover of “Send Me An Angel” – no, not the Scorpions song – but instead from Australia’s new wave act Real Life and the rocky synth spin on the track fits in well.

If you’ve already been onboard the Haunt bandwagon, you will definitely enjoy this album. They keep adding little elements to their sound while remaining adept at songwriting, soloing, and melody. As the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal continues to grow, Haunt continues to stand out. Keep em’ coming boys!

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