IMAGES OF EDEN – Weathered And Torn

December 14, 2022, a year ago


Nick Balazs

Rating: 7.5

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IMAGES OF EDEN – Weathered And Torn

Images Of Eden are back with a new EP and while the title is Weathered And Torn – the music is anything but. Continuing the momentum from their impressive 2021 album Angel Born, Weathered And Torn is unabashedly aggressive musically with lyrics dealing with the frustrations of the past several years, however there is this positive, spiritual component to it.

Frontman Gordon Tittsworth brings forth a radiant energy that exudes the emotions of the lyrics and music. He reminds of Todd La Torre. Closer “The Dead Me” is the only one of the five tracks that takes it easy rhythmic wises as there is a certain Queensrÿche “Silent Lucidity” vibe to it. The title track and “Survivor’s Guilt” are drenched in pounding rhythms with a modern flair and breathing melodies as it’s perfectly clear these guys have some raging emotion to express. “Coexistence” even features lower, guttural type vocals in the opening chords. Love the back half of the track where the lead guitar lets loose and even a synth makes its way in, but doesn’t sound out of place. Impressive prog musicality here – the best of the bunch.

Acting like and addendum to Angel Born, Weathered And Torn is Images Of Eden showing continued inspiration and why they are one of the most underrated prog/heavy metal acts out there. Check it out!   

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