LUCIFER - Lucifer V

February 10, 2024, 4 months ago

(Nuclear Blast)

Nick Balazs

Rating: 9.0

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LUCIFER - Lucifer V

The leather-clad demons drop the needle once more with Lucifer V (man, already on album 5?) and the devil’s engines are running on all cylinders on their newest opus. Lucifer IV was a letdown, the songs weren’t as memorable and the cover art and promotional material seemed more like a parody of the ‘70s rather than the authentic smoke that shone on their previous material.

Lucifer V corrects those wrongs with better songs and a better vibe. The coffin artwork makes for a proper presentation although the band is anything but dead, especially singer Johanna Sadonis who is as lively as ever. She is an underrated vocalist who oozes charisma, soul, and her voice fits a wide variety of material. 

One of the band’s best songs is the doomy and bluesy six-minute track “At The Mortuary” – a track that sees them at their heaviest yet has this Motown-esque chorus. “Maculate Heart” boasts an acoustic followed by some rambunctious drumming and the way the acoustics meld with the electrics guitars is enthralling. It’s an energetic rocker that reminds of classic Boston. 

Lucifer is adept at crafting these bursting rockers with classic jukebox choruses like in the breezy “Riding Reaper” and the groovy “Strange Sister”. The macabre comes to life on the bluesy ballad “Slow Dance In A Crypt” that works despite the awkward chorus and the shuddering, contemplative “Nothing Left To Lose But My Life” ends the record on a strong note.

Lucifer V is an ideal soundtrack for a smoke filled room while downing a shot a bourbon. This album is lightyears better than Lucifer IV – sit back, have a drink, and enjoy the tunes.

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