MEAN STREAK - Eye Of The Storm

September 28, 2020, a year ago

(El Puerto)

Mark Gromen

Rating: 7.0

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MEAN STREAK - Eye Of The Storm

Prolific Swedish power metallers return, brandishing their fifth album since '09, eleven new variations on a traditional minded theme, with the tip of the cap to the historic, big-name Teutonic neighbors to the South. As esteemed BraveWords colleague Martin Popoff calls 'em, Mean Streak are meat and potatoes, providing the kind of serviceable, non-gourmet sustenance so many enjoy, without worries about trends, or calories. People might rally against fast food, but McDonalds has done alright for themselves, satisfying the wants of the masses! Here, the tasty bits are when the band push the speed envelope, ala "Sacred Ground", "Heavy Metal Rampage" (complete with old school modem "handshake") or the double bass drum driven title cut.

That said, "Dying Day" is an emotive, slow-to-mid-tempo fist thruster, showcasing the ability of singer Andy La Guerin (who doubles on rhythm guitar). There's a section in the chorus of "1000 Years" that is virtually note-for-note Edguy's "Tears Of A Mandrake". Play hide and seek...see if you can spot it! There's also a bit of guitar noodling on tracks like "Last Nail In The Coffin", "Judas Falling" and disc concluding "Pandemonium"

Satisfying metallic Happy Meal. Know it's not the best thing out there, but feels so good while indulging in it!

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