MUNICIPAL WASTE - Electrified Brain

September 6, 2022, a year ago

(Nuclear Blast)

Rich Catino

Rating: 7.0

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MUNICIPAL WASTE - Electrified Brain

Seventh album from the Virginia thrashers who continue with the traditions of ‘80s crossover thrash from the likes of Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I., and Nuclear Assault; you hear a lot of John Connelly in Tony Foresta's vocal tone and delivery. 14 songs but only clocking in at 33 minutes, longest one just at three minutes, it’s a bit short. 

Every song could use another verse, or a bridge, or both. "The Bite", "Blood Vessel/Boat Jail", and "Putting on Errors" all just over a minute could have been put together into one song. I know, maybe it’s intentionally the Slayer Reign In Blood meets S.O.D. mentality?

Title track album opener is firing on all cylinders and sets the tone, fun music video, great aggression, and tempo change post solo. At just short of three minutes "Demoralizer" is killer mid pace thrash with the retro backing vocals we all love from the ‘80s. "Thermonuclear Protection" is also more whole as a song coming in at three minutes, sits in the groove pocket with tasty lead work and whammy bar flurries. Steadfast "Grave Dive" hits all the great Exodus Bonded By Blood notes. "Ten Cent Beer Night", Tankard fans? Twin guitar interplay on "Barreled Rage", by closing tune "Paranormal Janitor" I've heard this before.

Lots of potential, I like what they are doing. Suggestions, keep the focus on the catchy riff and changes, but more variety, some singing not just the same vocal delivery. Take a page from Overkill's Taking Over or Under The Influence playbook.

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