MY DYING BRIDE - A Mortal Binding

April 18, 2024, a month ago

(Nuclear Blast)

Greg Pratt

Rating: 8.0

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MY DYING BRIDE - A Mortal Binding

Talk about consistent: My Dying Bride don't make missteps. Even the album people don't like is awesome. 

It's all awesome, and here on A Mortal Binding, no surprise, it's all awesome, the vocals surprisingly biting out of the gate on crushingly heavy opener “Her Dominion”, and the band laying down their sublime take on regal doom/death on “Thornwyck Hymn”, a My Dying Bride song title if I've ever seen one. On that song in particular you can hear the chemistry between the musicians (impressive as there's been some shuffles since last time), the band operating as one smooth whole while vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe does his very one-of-a-kind thing over top it all. 

“Unthroned Creed” proves this band is on the top of the doom metal heap, now and always, the sound just so uniquely majestic and powerful. “The Apocalyptist” has guitar work to die for, the riffs summoning up rich imagery; “Crushed Embers” ending it all with morose melancholy but gently inviting you back for more as things draw to a close. 

And we will, we'll always come back for more, My Dying Bride's warm embrace ever more comforting with each year that passes.

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