January 31, 2024, 5 months ago


Nick Balazs

Rating: 7.5

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Japanese metallers Nemophila are back at it with their third full-length Evolve. The ladies don’t fit into any box as they are a mish-mash of metalcore, rock, nu-metal, early 2000’s rock, j-rock, and power metal with shredding solos. They are not afraid to take chances and write off-the-wall songs and it’s made for entertaining, although uneven records. On Evolve, the songwriting finally reaches a steadier ship with tighter compositions that are still fresh and brave.

Evolve leads with the spunky go-getter singer Mayu and she has found the right balance of using her tough scratchy vocals along with her bright, clean singing voice. She is on point throughout the record – just check out the vicious rapping sequence (no, I promise it’s not bad!) on the strange, folky, tribal, but danceable “Ama-Te-Ras”. 

Nemphila also must be sensing a growing international market as more of the lyrics are in English although the majority is still in Japanese. There’s also more distinct electronic influence in the songs like the rapid, aggressive opener “Evolve” – a barn burner of a track and the dance pop infused “Night Flight”. 

Guitarists Saki and Hazuki are able to show their more melodic skills on the soft ballad “Odyssey” and on the power ballad, anime inspired closer “Yell ~軌跡~”while “Justice” is j-rock supremacy, a short 3-minute burst of energy and inspired guitar theatrics and “Hammer Down” pounds in the aggressive factor with Mayu’s vocals and djent influences, yet has this super melodic solo – great track all-around.

It’s starting to come together for Nemophila, better songs and better writing. Give them a look if you’re into Band-Maid or Saki’s former band Mary’s Blood. 

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