NESTOR - Teenage Rebel

May 27, 2024, 3 weeks ago


Mark Gromen

Rating: 6.0

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NESTOR - Teenage Rebel

The story of Nestor is sort of preposterous: high energy, keyboard laden ‘80s hard rockers who never released an album, only to get together in 2021, to release their debut and become something of a "most wanted" act on the European rock/metal festival circuit. 

Obviously that notoriety spun off to a full-blown deal with Napalm Records. Sort of the missing link between ‘80s soundtrack fare and the early MTV/radio friendly rock of Night Ranger, Foreigner, Bryan Adams, etc. Of course, in the decades between their disappearance and re-emergence, fellow countrymen Night Flight Orchestra popped, stealing some of their nostalgic sound/luster.

Album two is less hard rock/metal than the debut, in fact, most of the prominent Jan Hammer-inspired keyboards also languish on the cutting/editing room floor. When they do appear, as in "The One That Got Away", it's as a piano ballad. Too polished and pedestrian. Opening "We Come Alive" (with newsreel voiceover from Ronald Reagan!) checks most of the requisite boxes, but it's sadly the exception, not the rule. However, some of that old saccharine pop bubble through the title track and upbeat "21'. 

Elsewhere, "Unchain My Heart" wanders close to the hair metal of the later half that vaunted decade, but that's not really Nestor's bread & butter. Much of the "Where did that come from?" out-of-the-blue pleasant surprise is now gone, with recognition/expectations and it weighs Nestor down.

Hope these sound better/stronger, in the live arena (will see them for the second time, this summer)!

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